John 15:5 and John 2:1-22

We have considered what it looks like when Jesus takes over and addressed the fact that Jesus always addresses Himself to our human needs.  The miracle begins at the need and salvation comes at the point of recognizing and acknowledging our failure.

I want to take this another step and consider another of the three results when Jesus takes over.


This may come as a shock to some, but God uses human instruments. Whenever there was a human instrument available Jesus used it in every miracle.  In the account, at the wedding feast, He used water pots and people to fulfill the miracle.  Therefore, any old pot that is available to Him could be used in the performance of His miracles.  Are you ready?  Please, don’t take offense at me saying, “any old pot” neither I nor God views you as an old pot, but the saying elicits our embracing the truth.

I also call your attention to the fact that Jesus used what was on hand.  Just because something is old does not mean it has lost its value or usefulness.  It may be an old waterpot, but He can still use it in the miraculous.

It is also important to note that those present and involved did what He said.  He told them to fill the pots with water and they complied.  We tend to debate it and argue with God, but they obeyed.  They filled the pots to the brim with water.  There was no deliberation, no debate, no questioning, they simply did what He said to do!

Then, He told them to draw some of the liquid out of the pots and take it to the head waiter.  I can only imagine what might have gone through their minds, but they obeyed. That is incredibly important.  That is what is required for a miracle!  That is true in every situation of your life.  Jesus is ready to take over, but we must be obedient and do whatever He says. They did what He said, and He did the rest!


When Jesus takes over, He reverses human inclination.  What do I mean by that?  Human inclination is to start with the best and then serve the inferior. The flow of humanity in this world is downward not upward.  That mentality carries over into our ideas and philosophies of Christianity. 

Everything in this world is temporarily new.  It begins to age and deteriorate immediately.  The car depreciates, and the clothes grow old.  Everything in life is progressing from being new to being old and useless.  Everything is in a state of decay.

The process of death is at work in our world.  This is the work of the devil. When sin set in, decay began.  The nature of humanity is to enjoy the best first and then settle for whatever is left. 

The custom at Jewish wedding feasts was to serve the good wine first then when people had imbibed the lesser quality would be served.  Serve the expensive first then the cheap.  That is the method of the devil.  If the devil offered his worst to humanity, he could deceive no one.  He dares not show his true colors until he has his prey trapped and deceived.

John 2:10 – “…Every man at first brings the best wine; and when they have drunk, then that which is weak; but you have kept the best wine until now.”  You have kept the best until the end.  That is the nature and manner of operation by God.  He does the opposite of the world.  He just keeps getting better and better. 

Even in the pollution of this world and the reality that this world is on a downward spiral, there is another direction – THAT IS GOD!  If we will let Jesus take over, we will move with the flow of getting better as the days go by.

Jesus manifested His Glory in the miracle, and He stands ready to take over and work a miracle in your life.  A miracle is the unveiling of the True Nature of Jesus.  It is time that we surrender our lives and Let Jesus Take Over!

God bless you as you embark on this journey of victory in Jesus!

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