John 15:5 and John 2:1-22

In our last session, we presented the idea that the most important thing regarding the wedding feast where the miracle of turning the water into wine occurred was the fact that Jesus was present.  We also opened the door for consideration of what it looks like when Jesus takes over.

Jesus was both guest and host in a very real sense.  He was first in attendance as one of the guests.  He later assumed the role of a host through the prompting of His mother as she informed Him of the crisis the couple faced in running out of wine. 

I cannot ignore the reality that Mary knew that He was more than simply her son and she brought a problem to Him that only a miracle could resolve.  Mary said something that if we would heed in our daily lives, it would be revolutionary.  She said, “Whatever He says to you, DO IT!”

It seems that Jesus did not delay very long and took over the situation and as John 2:11 declares, “This is the first miracle which Jesus performed in Cana of Galilee, and he showed His glory; and His disciples believed in Him.”

I urge you to call to mind the words of Colossians 1:17, “in Him all things consist.”  He is the answer to every problem in the universe.  He is the glue that holds everything together.  He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and He is the Door to the Father.  When Jesus is in a situation, in any situation, He has the power to move that situation into its proper perspective.  When He takes over at least three things transpire.


His mother Mary presented the need to Him.  She informed him that the couple was facing disastrous embarrassment by running out of wine.  Could this be a reminder that our world is filled with things that are exhaustible in their supply?  Can you name anything in this earthly realm that we cannot run out of?  Some run out of hope, others joy, patience, and even love.  Their supply becomes glaringly diminished.  Marriages run out of fulfilling purpose, churches run out of expectant enthusiasm and people run out of reason to live. 

Wherever the need is, is where Jesus beings.  He is the answer to failure.  Sin is a failure and when man realizes that He is a sinner, he realizes that he has failed and come short of the glory of God.  Jesus stands ready to do His work, but He does not being His work until there is an admitted need.

Miracles are performed on the basis of positive need or realized failure.  Can we enumerate a few from the Bible?

  • Jesus performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes in the midst of man’s failure to provide adequate food for the multitude.  The need was the launching pad for the miraculous supply.
  • Jesus calmed the storm when the disciples ran out of confidence and faith.  The need was made visible in the presence of their fear.
  • He touched the man who was blind.  He brought light to that man’s night, but it all started with a need.
  • He calmed the tormented soul of the demoniac of Gadara.
  • He forgave the woman who had failed to keep herself pure.  She had run out of purity, yet, when she came to Jesus and admitted her need, He forgave her.
  • He spoke to the paralytic who had been crippled for 38 years and had run out of hope.
  • He raised the widow’s son who had run out of life.

Jesus came into this world to address to the fact of human failure and the need and to bring healing to us.  In Luke 19:10 we read, “For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

He is the Positive Supply of Man’s Needs!  He is the answer to the dilemma you now face.  He is the answer to that broken marriage, that broken relationship, that life of addiction.  He is ready to provide whatever it is that you have run out of.  That is His business. 

Therefore, please do not be afraid to address the fact of your need.  Remember that what Jesus gives does not run out or become exhausted.  The wine He gives does not numb the brain and sicken the soul.  It gladdens the heart and lifts the soul into the presence of God.  It secures the heart against fear, and it is in Unlimited Supply.

The failure of man is readily apparent. We are full of fear, disease, hate, confusion, ignorance, depression, and discouragement.  Have you run out of something?  Have you failed?  Jesus is the answer.  No matter your need He is your supply.  He is ready to address Himself to your need. 

Remember the words of Mary, “Whatever He says to you, DO IT!”  If you are ready to place it all in His hands, He is ready to respond to your need.

I want to take this another step in the next session but will pause here and ask you to examine your life, your heart, and your situation.  If you have realized failure and need, then take it to Jesus, He is ready to address your need.

God bless you as you enjoy this day in Him!

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