Jeremiah 2:31a – “O generation, see the word of the LORD!”  NKJV

In picking up the thought of Seeing the Word of God and our being Called Out, the question comes to mind, “Called out to do what?”   Are we called to “be holy”?  Absolutely.  Are we called out to “go to heaven”?  We will, but that is not why you were saved that is a benefit of salvation.  You were saved for a divine purpose and have a divine destiny here on this planet. God has a Plan!  One of the greatest needs of this hour is for individuals and churches to know God’s Plan and understand Our Purpose. 

I am totally convinced God has a Plan and Purpose for here and now for each of us.  He has called us out to prepare and equip us.  He has given us the full armor of God which, in a real sense, is Jesus.  It is the time that the Body of Christ take up our weapons and launch into the battle.

If your mentality is “Escapism” or “Apostate” you will be fearful and may find yourself just trying to “hold on” and “hold out” unto the end.  That is a wrong mentality and I have good news the Gates of Hell cannot stop you armed with Jesus or armed in Jesus!  We are not those who are to be on the defensive.  We are not to simply “hold the fort” we are to GO YE, THEREFORE!  I am praying for the Church to develop an Offensive Mentality.  NO, not be offensive but go on offense.  Jesus is coming back for His Bride, and she is not an undeveloped little girl or an emaciated old woman, she is a radiant bride full of life and vigor.  The Bride He is returning for is Glorious!

Isaiah 42:4 gives something interesting, “God has called the generations from the beginning…”  The Generations!  I believe that God has designed things so that in each generation He would move and execute His plan unique to that generation always moving toward the Ultimate Goal.  Tragically too many churches and believers are simply trying to “wait it out” until Jesus comes rather than “becoming” and “being” what He has declared us to be.  We have a unique place in history for I believe this is the generation that will usher in the greatest move of God mankind has ever witnessed and we will see the Restored Church rise up and reap the harvest of the End Times.

There are several things that are worthy of note.  Psalm 33:11 declares, “The thoughts of His heart are extended to all generations.”  In Psalm 45:17 we read, “I will make They Name to be remembered in all generations.”  Psalm 100:5 reminds us, “His truth endures to all generations.”  Psalm 145:13, “Your dominion endures to all generations.”  Psalm 119:90 declares, “Your faithfulness continues through all generations.” 

In Acts 13:36the writer declares, “David served God’s purpose in His own generation…”  Isaiah 58 speaks of the foundations of many generations.  In Psalm 17:18 we have a powerful prayer, “Oh God, forsake me not until I have shown Thy strength unto this generation and Thy power to everyone that is to come.”   At some point in human history, God will raise up a people that will demonstrate God’s power and love to Everyone that will Come!  Always keep it in the forefront of your minds that we are, as Peter declared, “…a Chosen Generation…”  (1 Peter 2:9).  That is Us! 

If we understand that a generation is a “single step in the line of descent from an ancestor”.  We have a destiny that God has purposed for each of us.  Many, like me, have had a sense of destiny all their lives and that sense of destiny keeps me moving forward. The devil has tried numerous times to stop me. 

As a child I was sickly and the doctors did not think I would live to adulthood, but I did.  There were times in my youth that I had brushes with death but didn’t die.  In Vietnam, on several occasions, I can pinpoint specific times when God did something miraculous to keep me out of harm’s way.  As an adult, I have had the sentence of death on me, and God healed or delivered me. 

If we realize our Purpose and embrace our Destiny, we must become people of prayer and out of that relationship I believe will become people of power.  In that state, we will become voices that can be called nothing less than prophetic as we speak His truth and light to the world.  That will make us Radical Christians and we will learn to be the Glorious Church Jesus came to build exercising dominion and power over the powers of darkness.

So, believers allow the Holy Spirit to birth in your hearts a sense of destiny and purpose and allow the visions of God birthed in your heart to become the outworking of your life.  

God bless you as you embark on your new journey in Christ!

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