Ecclesiastes 3:1 – “To everything, there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:” NKJV

Solomon acclaimed to be the wisest man on earth went into a lengthy treatise under the inspiration of the Spirit of God on this and it leads me to the question of the title of this devotional word – – “What Season Are You In?”

Solomon listed a great number of things all interesting and worthy of discussion but rather than taking them individually I ask you to do some introspection into your life and examine where you are spiritually right now.  Are you in a time of planting or harvest?  Are you in a time of tearing down or building up?  Are you in a time of mourning or dancing?  Are you in a time of keeping or throwing away?  Are you in a time of silence or speaking?  Are you in a time of war or a time of peace?  Where are you personally right now?

I hope that each of us can attest that we are in a time of diligently seeking God’s Perfect Plan and Purpose for our lives.  I hope that we are actively engaged in pursuing His purposes in our lives for this moment in which all other moments have brought us to.  I hope that we can honestly say that we are in a season of “seeking God with a whole heart.”

Sadly, sometimes we find ourselves in a season of self-perpetuation and self-interest and become self-centered rather than God-centered.  We are focused on “what’s in it for me?” rather than “what would God have?”  If that is the case, we should immediately enter into a Season of Repentance and allow the Holy Spirit to purge out the dross in our lives and allow us to go through the refiner’s fire so that we can come forth as pure gold in the eyes and kingdom of God.

Sometimes examination of our purposes, thoughts, intents, desires, and plans is a good thing.  Providing we lay them all on the altar before the Holy One of Israel and allow Him to return to us those things He desires and cast aside those things He does not.  I have one single major objective in life and that is “To Do Thy Will Oh LORD!”  

I want that more than I want anything.  I find myself repenting far more than I would like to admit but my desire to please the LORD is greater than my desire to appear something I am not and hide my flaws.  I would rather be exposed completely before man than attempt for one second to hide something from God, which is impossible.

I want the inscription on my tombstone if I go by way of the grave before the Lord returns to be: “He fulfilled the purposes of God in His Generation then He died.”  That is my objective, my desire, my goal, and my ambition.

May God be with you as you go through this day!

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