Ephesians 5:17-18 – “So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.”  NASB

In hopes that I have not labored too long on this discussion, I will conclude today with a few more elements involved in the process of Knowing the Will of God for our lives.  We have considered the importance and necessity of being willing to do the will of God when we discover it.  We have considered the importance of presenting our total selves to God as living sacrifices.  We have discovered that God’s Will can be known through His Word.

Now a Fourth Element in this process we need to consider is Knowing the Will of God through Circumstances or Open Doors.  Some will equate that to chance but in God, chance and luck play no role.  Every circumstance is not revelatory of the Will of God, but some are.  Open Doors and Circumstances coupled with the Word of God and the nudging of the Spirit of God may be incredibly beneficial in discovering the Will of God for the moment.

The Fifth Element in this process is Submission to the Holy Spirit.  Remember we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus identified Him as our guide into all truth.  If we do not develop a personal relationship with Him, we will not recognize His voice or His leading. That involves a total submission of our lives to God and an openness to being led by His Spirit into Truth, All Truth!

The Sixth and Final Element I will mention is we will know the Will of God when we Truly Know God.  I suggest that you examine the biblical use of the word “know.”  Remember when the angel came to Mary to announce that she would give birth to Jesus?  She said, “How can this be seeing I Know Not a man?”  The Bible says that “Adam knew his wife Eve and she conceived.”  The same meaning is used in Philippians 3:10 when Paul said, “That I might know Him, and the power of His resurrection.” 

This is speaking of becoming one with God and His Word.  To know someone, anyone you must spend time with them.  If we know God in that deep abiding relationship desired by the Father, we can and will know his will because He is eager to make it known to us.  If you are having difficulty knowing God’s will then run to the Cross and present, yourself anew to God as a Living Sacrifice in Complete Surrender. 

I ask you to remind yourself that it is more beneficial to God and His Purpose for you and me to know His will than for us to be in the dark about it.  The knowledge of God’s will produces peace, although that knowledge and that peace may not be instantaneous.  It is in our total and complete willingness to do whatever He wills that frees our hearts from the hindrances to knowing and enables us to pray more freely and effectively.  The Will of God will always be in harmony with the Word of God.  Our desire should be to know God’s will for the purpose of being the greatest asset we can to His Kingdom and Purpose on Earth. 

I suggest that you always ask, “Will what I do be spiritually beneficial?  Will it help to promote the Kingdom of God and the Cause of Christ?  Will, it better me and those I influence?  What are the long-range effects and benefits of what I plan to do?”

            Then pray, “LORD, whatever You desire, I want and am willing to do.”  I believe if you pray that from your heart, God will make His will perfectly clear to you.  Let me add one small addendum and ask, “What is it that tugs at your heart the most in life?”  I believe that as you discover that, providing it is wholesome and godly, will help reveal God’s purpose and call for you.

Have a great day in Him!

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