Ephesians 5:17-18 – “So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.”  NASB

We have asked the question, “Can we know the will of God?”  We have asserted that the answer is Yes.  We have considered the first element in the process of discovering the will of God is allowing the Holy Spirit to develop in us a Willingness to do that will once discovered.  Now, let’s move to other elements involved in the process.

The Second Element lies in the Hidden and Frequently used revelation found in Romans 12:1-2.  It involves giving God All of Ourselves! That is more than walking down the aisle in church and professing Jesus is LORD it is Total Surrender of the Total Person to God.  It is the process of preparing the kind of vessel that God and will use.  It is to become a choice vessel for His Purposes. 

This passage speaks of Separation and Consecration.  It also speaks of the Physical Body.  The major focus of Romans 12:1-2 is presenting God a sacrificial body.  It is receiving the revelation that our bodies are the Temple of God, the Temple of the Holy Spirit and as Paul declared in 1 Corinthians 9:27, we are to “keep our body.”  We do not defile the physical or spiritual man, we give God the very best we can and give it to Him completely.

I won’t meddle in talking about a healthy diet, we all know that is good and should be our normal pattern.  I don’t want to venture into the realm of physical exercise and keep our bodies flexible and strong, that is something everyone knows.  I do want to talk about training our minds to be sharp and alert and attuned to the Spirit of God and the Word of God. I do want to address the ‘taming of the tongue’ and the benefit of ‘right words’ and ‘soft answers.’  I do want to discuss what we allow through our Eye Gates and our Hearing.  We are to do all we can to give God the best we can give Him and to bring glory to Him in everything. 

God is not interested in you becoming a supermodel or a Mr. Atlas, but he wants you to be wise and diligent in your commitment to Him.  In the second part of that passage, it speaks of “be not conformed to this world…”  It is impossible to be careless and have a worldly mind and know the keener things of God.  We need to permit our hearts and minds to be frequent visitors into the corridors of His Presence and expose ourselves to the Deep Things of God!  “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth as it is in Heaven!”  That’s the objective and goal.

The Third Element lies in the Reality that We Can Know the Will of God Through the Word of God.  In 2 Timothy 3:16 we read, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”  It is the unalterable Word of God.  It is God-breathed! 

The Bible is not simply a Book of Laws and Rules.  However, where there are laws and rules detailed, they are to be observed and obeyed.  God’s word never changes!  The Bible is a Book of Principles!  In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said that adultery was a sin.  He did not alter that but added the addendum that impure thoughts were equally sinful and objectionable to His Holiness. 

Moral Purity is a bible Principle and Precept.  In Matthew 5:21-22, Jesus informed us that murder was wrong and the penalty great, but that hate in the heart that produces murder was equally sinful. The Bible does not say, “Thou shalt not ingest certain specific things into your body that are deadly and harmful” (I won’t name them) but it does teach that we are to care for our bodies, they belong to Him. 

We need to remember that God’s Word Never Changes.  Some want to pray about things that God has already declared His Will in His Word.  I suppose they are hoping that somehow, He will change His mind, rather than submitting to His revealed will.  God will not change!

No matter what you believe regarding tithing I insert the story of the farmer that went to his pastor and asked the pastor to pray about whether he should tithe or not.  The pastor said, “I will not! God has already told us several thousand years ago that we are to give Him one day of seven and one dollar out of ten and He won’t tell us something different today.”  What I’m trying to convey is that if God has revealed something in His Word it will not change!  If He has promised something, that promise is eternally valid.  If he has requested or required something that is etched in stone.  If He says it, That’s the Way it is!

I have a couple more things I want to discuss in discovering the will of God but will hold them until the next devotional. 

God bless you as you enjoy this beautiful day in Him!

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