Daniel 6:3 – “Then this Daniel distinguished himself above the governors and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king gave thought to setting him over the whole realm.” NKJV

Over the past few years we have heard a lot about American Exceptionalism with regard to politics but “exceptionalism” or “excellence” is something that we have or should have been hearing in the Church for centuries.  Those terms should be descriptive terms regarding Christians, their work ethic, their conduct, their deportment, their relationships, the business dealings their private, personal, public, and spiritual life.  In Christ who is the epitome of Excellence, we should manifest it in our lives.  We are “in Him” and as John declared in 1 John 4:17 – “…as He is, so are we in this world.”

Daniel rose to the pinnacle of success and leadership because of this spirit in him.  That spirit was in him because Daniel “purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself…”  In the New Testament we find the words of our Lord telling us to “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness…”  If God is first in our lives and we seek Him above all else His Spirit will intermingle with our spirit and we will exhibit or manifest “excellence” and thus demonstrate “exceptionalism.”  It is not a pride thing but an obedience thing!  It is not our ability but His.  Truly, without Him we could do nothing but in Him we can do all things!

It is time that we, the Body of Christ, make the commitment to place God first above everything.  It is time that we seek to allow the Holy Spirit to have such free-reign in our lives that He can “manifest” Jesus through us so that the world can be impacted by the Love, Grace, Peace, and Power of God.  It is time that we realize that we are not permanent residents of this planet and as temporary sojourners we have an obligation to the world, the lost to proclaim both in word and deed THE GOOD NEWS of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

As with Daniel, when we do this, enemies will come out of the wood-work to attack, discredit, and tear us down but as Daniel We Will Overcome if we remain focused, committed, and purposed in our lives.  We can live the Abundant Life in this life and we can reach this generation with the Gospel of Christ.  Does that mean that we never engage in other activities other than spreading the Gospel – NO!  Does it mean that the Gospel of the Kingdom is most important – YES!  

I am thankful that we still have a Free Country in which we can worship God according to the dictate of our hearts and can be a launching pad for the Gospel to go around the world.  Could that change?  Absolutely but God doesn’t and even if we are persecuted, imprisoned, or killed for the sake of the Gospel that is a minor cost with regard to reaching our generation for Christ!

The ministry God has used me in for most of my adult life has been to reach reached people and help establish them in the Kingdom so they are equipped to labor in God’s Harvest!  I have, for years, ministered to leaders and as my good friend Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis of San Antonio often says, “When leaders lead, people follow.”  So it is time to lead, follow, or get out of the way.  The time is NOW!  I long to see the True Church rise up to fullness and exhibit The Excellent Spirit as was in Daniel.  As that transpires we will see the greatest in-gathering harvest that has been recorded and the greatest time of persecution running parallel to it.

Are we ready?  Are we willing?  Will we allow God to do it through us?  May God bless you as you go through your day!

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