1 Peter 1:24-25 – “All flesh is as grass, And all the glory of man as the flower of the grass. The grass withers, And its flower falls away, 25 But the word of the LORD endures forever.” NKJV

This is a quote from Isaiah 40:6 that Peter is using to illustrate the abiding nature of God’s Word and the brevity of man.  Too often we seem to get those two reversed or so it would seem based on how we live.  From the time a person is born, they are in the process of dying naturally.  Once we are “born-again” spiritually, from that moment of birth we being the process of living eternally. 

As we watch the seasons come and go we see seed-time and harvest, summer and winter.  We see things die or go dormant and then in the springtime, we seem them bud forth and there is “newness of life” all around us.  The weather begins to warm, the grass turns green, the flowers begin to bloom, the trees bud forth and life is everywhere.  Then in a few short months, the cold death of winter sets in and all that life fades into the background.  It is the cycle of life.

We are like the grass that lives for a few months then becomes dormant.  Our glory or supposed glory withers like the grass, it is fleeting and temporary, but God’s Word endures forever!  So, it is not wise to become too absorbed with ourselves and our seeming successes or even our failures because they are temporary.  Only that which is birthed out of the Word and Spirit of God lives forever all else fades away into eternal darkness and death.

I have some methods I use doing things. I sometimes find myself telling my wife and others these methods have stood the test of time and work so why change them.  But, if I’m not careful I’ll become closed minded and not see the newness that God wants to bring into my life through change.  As the cloud moves spiritually we have to move with the cloud-like Israel in their deliverance from Egyptian bondage. 

When God sends His “new wine” of the Spirit and begins to do something a bit different than what we are used to we must be willing to allow Him to make us into “new wine-skins” or we’ll find that the “new wine” bursts the old wine-skins and that which He was doing is lost to us.  One thing will NEVER CHANGE and that is The Word of God, the Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, and the Promise of His Return.  Those are etched in granite and will never change!

If you are facing problems know that “this too shall pass.”  In, your struggles please know that God and His Word will NEVER change nor will they ever fail.  So when the storms clouds roll in, run to the Rock of our Salvation and under the Shelter of His Loving Arms, letting Him hide you in the cleft of the Rock until the storm passes over.  His Word, His Promise, His Love will NEVER FAIL!

May God be with you as you go through your day!

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