John 14:26 – “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”  KJV

I tremble when I hear some people talk about the Holy Spirit.  I hear Him referred to as it or spoken of as some ethereal apparition rather than a real person and member of the Godhead.  Likewise, I hear people talk about our Lord Jesus Christ as though He were not a present reality and the Son of God.  I hear Him being called God, but His directives and commandments treated in a shockingly cavalier manner.

Some live and speak as though the Son of God was nothing more than a mere ideal and treat much of the Bible as though it were myth, not truth.  In the words of patriarchs of the faith who have been promoted to the other side, “To follow a merely human savior is to follow no savior at all.”  If the work of Christ on the Cross is mere theory, we will never recognize the power of the Resurrection and the need of the Comforter to Come in our daily lives.  Someone said, “If Mary’s son was not the Son of God, then in a very real sense, no other man is.”  That would mean that we are hopeless as well as helpless.  But, we are not because He is, and He Lives!

Church Creeds are valuable only to the degree those doctrines impact our lives and make a difference in our lives.  If we used that as a test for doctrine, then I contend that in far too many churches and lives the Bible has no practical value.  It is not obeyed, believed, and embraced as life or death.  In that, the Holy Spirit is ignored, and we miss the value of the Promise of Jesus that when the Holy Spirit of Truth would come He would guide us into all truth.  He has come, why then do so many, walk, in defeat and darkness?

That which is important to us enjoys emphasis by us!  If we do not see the value of the Holy Spirit we will not emphasize Him or seek His Presence, Person, and Power.   Too many Christians know about the Holy Spirit but too few actually know Him.  It has been said that a man can die of starvation knowing all about bread and a person can stay in the condition of being spiritually dead while knowing all the historical facts about Christianity.  Knowledge and experience are not the same.  Knowledge should lead us to the experience of God’s Person.

It is through the ministry of the Holy Spirit that we truly become one with God experientially.  He is able to penetrate our minds and help us to bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.  We must never view Him as anything but God because He is God.  Some tend to treat Him like He was God’s messenger but fail to grasp the truth that He is God!  The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit never work separately they are God!

            My prayer is, “Lord fill me to overflowing, saturate Me with the Spirit of God.”  That’s why I love the chorus or song, “Come Holy Spirit.”

Come, Holy Spirit, I need you – Come, Sweet Spirit, I pray – Come in Your strength and Your Power – Come in Your own gentle way.

Come as a rest to the weary – Come as a balm to the sore – Come, Lord, as strength to my weakness – Fill me with joy evermore

Come, Holy Spirit, I need you – Come, Sweet Spirit, I pray – Come in Your strength and Your Power – Come in Your own gentle way.

Come like a spring in the desert – Come to the withered of soul – Lord, let your sweet healing power – Touch me and make me whole.

Come, Holy Spirit, I need you – Come sweet Spirit, I pray – Come in your strength and your power – Come in your own gentle way

Come in your own gentle way

May the Lord God Almighty bring you His complete victory and give you a total transformation and transform you into another man or woman. 

God bless you as you seek His presence!

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