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1 Kings 22:8 – “The king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, “There is yet one man by whom we may inquire of the LORD, but I hate him, because he does not prophesy good concerning me, but evil. He is Micaiah son of Imlah.” But Jehoshaphat said, “Let not the king say so.”  NASU

 Let’s continue with our consideration of embracing the Liar and the Lie.  I suggest that although Ahab preferred to hear the lies of his chosen prophets, he knew that in order to have the needed support of Jehoshaphat he had to consent to his request.

Ahab dispatched a servant to Micaiah and was desperate to keep the prophet out of trouble.  He said, “The King’s prophets speak good with one voice.  You do the same; there is no use antagonizing him.  He is going to do as he pleases anyway.  All you will do by speaking the truth is get yourself in deep trouble.”  

Micaiah’s response is, just as timely today as it was then.  His answer gave the whole duty of the prophet in any age.  He was not there to abuse, bemean, or to say unkind things.  My purpose is not to abuse anyone.  It is not my desire to entertain anyone in my speaking the truth of God.  It is not my intent or purpose to force anyone to accept my message.  I am just the messenger the response is totally up to the hearer.

What is the Business or Responsibility of the Messenger?  Micaiah’s response was, “As the Lord lives, what the Lord speaks to me, that will I speak.”  He was defining his purpose.  It was not to declare that which was popular or pleasing to the natural ego but the truth for the purpose of redemption.  It is one thing to simply speak the truth and another to speak the truth with a heart of compassion and with redemption in mind.

Here is where the difficulty came into focus.  When the Truth meets the Lie, conflict is inevitable.  Micaiah informed Ahab that the enterprise would end in disaster.  He informed Him that God would not back his play and that the path he had chosen was the wrong path.  That is a powerful word and Micaiah was taking his life in his own hands in telling the truth.

Ahab responded as would be expected.  He became angry and had the prophet put in prison.  The foolishness of that response is clear.  If Micaiah’s prophecy was accurate, putting him in prison would not change it.

Let me illustrate it this way.  When Galileo startled the world by saying that the earth moved around the sun instead of the converse, his saying that did not make the earth move nor did it stop when he recanted.  Columbus’ declaration that the earth was round did not make it round.  Newton’s discovery of the Law of Gravity did not put that law in motion.  They were saying what was not causing it to happen.  Ahab’s course of action was utter foolishness.  He appeared to think that he could change the truth into a lie by ignoring the truth.

If we follow Ahab’s philosophy and our car engine begins to pound, the oil gauge reading no oil pressure, then we would simply smash the gauges or lights or put tape over them and all would be will.  You cannot cure a fever by throwing the thermometer in the trash.  You cannot reduce your weight by smashing the scales. If something is true it will remain true regardless of your reaction to it.  Your benefit or difficulty depends on your reaction to the truth.

Remember Naaman being sent to see Elisha?  The prophet told him how to be cured of his leprosy.  Naaman had his own preconceived ideas about what should happen, and his inflated self-worth made him angry at Elisha’s nonchalance toward him.  He had decided that the prophet would come out with pomp and ceremony and lay his hands on him or wave his hands over the leprosy and cure it.  Elisha told him to go dip seven times in the Jordan river.  Naaman got angry and begin to drive off in a huff.  His anger did not cure him.  Only when he obeyed the truth and followed the directive of God’s prophet did he find healing.

If a preacher tells you the truth it will remain true whether you accept it or not.  It remains true whether you go away rejoicing or rejecting.  Ahab went on his way disregarding the words of the prophet who told him the truth. He chose to do what he wanted to do and placed his confidence in the lies.  However, it is clear that he did not totally trust them because he disguised himself going into battle and took an action that left Jehoshaphat out to dry and placed him in danger.  Disguised as a common soldier he was hit at random by an arrow and died.

This lover of lies met his doom.  I urge everyone to seek Truth even if it is hard to receive and cuts to the foundation of our being.  When we confess our sins, God is just and faithful to forgive.  If we hide our sins, we bring about our own destruction.  Remember, the Truth is what makes us Free!

God bless you as you enjoy this day in Jesus!


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