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Deuteronomy 29:29 – “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law.” NASU

I have long found this passage a most interesting and challenging one.  Depending on what interpretation you allow you could either see it as a command to not seek God’s mind on what is coming down the pike or you could see it as a declaration that God reveals to us what He feels we need to know.

It is, without question, important in that it identifies that God is the possessor of all ‘knowledge’.  If something is not revealed it is not revealed because He has chosen to keep it secret or hidden.  That does not mean that we should immediately shy away from the pursuit of that information, revelation, or knowledge but it does identify that there are some things God has chosen not to share with man, at least at this point.

I believe that a good rendering of this passage would be – “What God has thought proper to reveal, he has revealed; what he has revealed is essential to the well-being of man, and this revelation is intended not for the present time merely, nor for one people, but for all succeeding generations.  The things which he has not revealed should not be a major concern to man.”  If God, in His wisdom, decides to pull back the veil and allow us to see more clearly into those hidden realms then mankind will benefit from it and should rejoice in the expanded understanding.

My suggestion is that instead of spending all our time trying to get a “New Revelation” and understand the “Mysteries of God” why don’t we walk in what we do know?  Why don’t we take what He has revealed and apply it to our lives, churches, homes, businesses, and even government?  Why not allow the things that God has revealed to become the cornerstone of our lives?  That would mean that we are seeking and allowing the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness to take top billing in our lives and the result would be incredible.

So, if you are one who has diligently sought to understand that which is not understood regarding scripture and the Kingdom of God that’s fine but if you make that more important than obedience to what He has revealed you err.  I am convinced that as we walk in what He has directed and revealed He opens more to us as we can handle it and as the need arises.  If we are trying to be smarter than God we will only prove how little we actually know and become an easy target of the devil.

So as you go through this day why not go with the desire to walk fully in what God has revealed to you through His Spirit and Word?  I believe that your life and those you impact will be blessed beyond anything you could imagine.

Blessings as you go through this day! 

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