Spiritual Blog - Prison of Pain

Revelation 21:4 – He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

There is coming a day when we will no longer suffer any pain but that time is yet future for most of us and there are millions of people who live every day of their lives in what is often a self-imposed prison of pain because they do not understand the simple keys to freedom found in God’s Word.  They have never learned to RELEASE THE PAIN and walk out of their prison of bondage and bitterness.  They live in excruciatingly painful bondage(s).  Their lives are racked with mental, physical, emotional and spiritual pain.  This bondage is or could be the root of numerous physical diseases, social disasters, relational dilemmas, emotional turmoil and spiritual barrenness faced daily.  There is a key to freedom which is readily identifiable yet incredibly challenging.  The truth, when identified and utilized, can move a life from the daily dungeon of despair into a joyous journey free from PAIN.  

It is from personal experience and decades of ministering to hurting people that provides the seed for this thought and has given birth to this devotional and resulted in a book.  Knowing what it is to live with emotional pain so horrendous that it is virtually impossible to sleep at night provides a foundation for this message.  This pain is the type that embodies such torment that some have considered suicide as the only means of escape from this self-imposed prison of horrifying pain experienced daily.  This pain is a constant companion every waking moment of life.  It alters sound judgment, results in a myriad of wrong or questionable decisions.  This pain is an unveiling of what many are facing, every day of their lives.  It is a depiction of a state so horrifying the individual would give everything they possess for one moment of freedom from this torment.

Have you ever experienced pain so severe you could not think?  The pain whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual of this nature becomes a prison.  The agony of imprisonment is the same although the reason, response or result may differ dramatically.  This pain occupies every thought and commands every fiber of one’s being to focus on it.  What we are describing is a pain of such magnitude and severity that medication can only mask or cover but cannot truly provide relief.  Of course, one might be able to take painkillers or antidepressants to numb the sensibility and render one effectively non-functional masking the pain to a degree but it is still there.  Masked and numbed for the moment but the agony and torment are still very real and very present.  Tragically the source and root of the pain have not been removed.  Most who have experienced this kind of pain would trade every possession for one hour of freedom from that torment.  Occasionally one will encounter life experiences only those who have undergone can truly identify with.  This is one of those experiences, only the initiated can truly fathom.  All others look on with amazement, sympathetic and even with empathy but without genuine understanding.  This creates a platform from which we render judgments regarding the mindset, character or actual state of the person experiencing the pain.  Thus, when one begins from a flawed premise because there is a lack of understanding or experience their judgment or conclusion is inaccurate.

I am not a medical doctor so I qualify my remarks to ensure you do not think I am trying to give a medical diagnosis or prescription.  However, I am a Christian and I know that the Bible tells us that Jesus is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever and He Does Not Change.  If He healed and set free in the past, He sets free today and will continue to do so in the future.  Some are suffering in such excruciating pain physically, emotionally, and spiritually they despair of life.  It is my desire and the desire of the Father to bring you to peace and according to Isaiah 53 and 1 Peter 2 Jesus bore the stripes for our healing in all areas of life, physically, emotionally, and physically.  There is a way out of the Prison of Pain and if you are there or know someone who is I hope what I have said and will say in future devotionals will help you find Release!  Jesus said, “Come unto Me and I will give you rest.”  He also assured us that if we come to Him He would not reject us!  COME TO HIM!

God bless you richly is my prayer and desire!