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Revelation 1:9-19 – – (Read)

Picking up where we left off yesterday, let’s dig a little deeper into this subject and see if we can provide some beneficial information that will enable you to accomplish this and walk in more of the fullness of the Lord.  It is my deep conviction that we need this experience in order for God to communicate His Life and reveal His Person to us in a more full measure!   Consider with me:

  1. God Communicates Himself, In A Vision – – – [v. 17] – – “I saw Him….”

I would call this Revelation Knowledge.  This is about Who Jesus is, not just What He does!  This is about the Person of Christ, not the Performance of Christ!  Jesus came not only to redeem us from sin but to reveal to us the Father [Hebrews 1:1-3].  He came that He might transform us not us. –  [Romans 12:1-2]

  1. Conforming is an act of man.  Transforming is an act of God.
  2. Conformation affects the natural, carnal man. Transformation affects the spirit man.
  3. Conformation is based upon the world’s standard, ideology, and philosophy. Transformation is a result of experience, obedience, and faith in God’s Ideal.
  4. Conforming is temporary depending upon circumstances, fad, and popular ideas. Transformation is eternal.
  5. Being Conformed may change your circumstances temporarily. Being Transformed changes your character permanently.
  6. Conformation focuses on man. Transformation focuses on God. 

We are to “Put on Christ.”  The life that we now live in the flesh, we live by the faith of or in the Son of God.  Transformation is impossible outside the realm of learning how to have times of being Shut In With God!

  1. If you listen to Jesus you will hear the voice of the Father. [John 12:49]
  2. If you look at Jesus’ works you will see the works of the Father. [John 5:19-20] 

I am convinced that everything about Jesus reveals the Father!  In becoming as He is the fear of having a relationship with the Father is removed!  Now, we can know Him, love Him, trust Him, and worship Him in freedom!  The level of our experience, relationship, and worship will be determined by our concept of God.  How we see Him is incredibly important!

It is a sad reality that some never allow their concept to be enlarged.  If you think about it, a large portion of our singing, testifying, talking about Jesus refers to Him as Healer, Savior, Comforter, Blesser, Baptizer, Lover, and much much more!  So please listen carefully to what I am saying, there are roles that he fills in His relationship with us.  Yet, they only illustrate a small portion of Who He Is!

  1. To the Sinner – – – – – – He is Savior!
  2. To the Seeker – – – – – -He is Baptizer!
  3. To the Sick – – – – – – – – He is Healer and Health.
  4. To the Sorrowful – – – – He is Comforter, Friend, Guide. 

Yet, the New Testament message is that HE IS LORD!  He is more than just the one who meets our needs, HE IS MY EVERYTHING!

John Saw Him!  John had known Jesus intimately in the flesh.  He had walked, talked, ate, prayed, and ministered with Jesus in person.  But, this revelation far exceeds all his former knowledge of the Lord.   He saw the Glorified, Resurrected LORD!

  1. John saw Jesus’ total sufficiency. He saw Him as Priest, King, and Judge!  He saw Him as Alpha & Omega.  He saw Him as the sum total of all things.  [vv. 12-15]
  2. This vision caused John to recognize his own insufficiencies. He understood what John the Baptist said and meant when he said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  And what Paul said and meant when he declared, “My strength is made perfect in weakness.”  It is all Him!  He is our Sufficiency!
  3. This vision brought John to a new place of submission to the LORD! [v. 17] – “I fell at His feet as dead.” 

I hope you see this!  How could we not love Him, if we have SEEN HIM?  There is no self-will, no self-exaltation, just submission on John’s part!  It is here that he fully recognizes and understands that there is No Other Name that brings Redemption, Restoration, and Renewal but the NAME OF JESUS!  In Him, there is power, healing, cleansing, joy, life, relationship, sonship, and perfect peace!

I want to stop there and pick up the second way that God communicates Himself tomorrow but allow you to digest what has been said and examine it to see if this is true.  Be a good Berean and search the scriptures to see if what I am saying is true.  If it is true it will bear up under examination and if it does not then discard it.  I am never afraid to have what I say or write examined by the Word of God. I desire to speak truth and promote the Lord Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God!

May God bless you and be with you as you go through your day and walk in the path that He has chosen for you on this day!  We will examine more tomorrow so until then may God’s Peace be upon you in a mighty way!