Job 40:6-9 – “Then the LORD answered Job out of the storm, and said, 7 “Now gird up your loins like a man; I will ask you, and you instruct Me. 8 “Will you really annul My judgment? Will you condemn Me that you may be justified? 9 “Or do you have an arm like God, and can you thunder with a voice like His?”  NASB

I suggest that in the main frame of reference, Job spoke correctly of God, yet in his anguish and agitation under his trials, he said some dumb, harsh and ill-thought-out things.  It was for those things that God rebuked him.  That rebuke is found in the first eight verses of Chapter 40.

Rather than attempting to go back to the original intent or definition of Job’s words, I hope to apply them to people today.  It is my hope to show that every excuse for sin is an attempt to condemn God.  It may not be intentional but that is the result.  I feel it would be germane to our discussion to consider some of the excuses in a more expansive manner.  I also hope to show that attempting to excuse sin adds insult to injury.  Will we be successful?   Only God knows and only time will tell. 

TO MY FIRST POSTULATION:  Every Excuse for Sin Condemns God.

I believe that assertion becomes clear if we consider the reality that nothing can be a sin for which there is a justifiable excuse.  If God condemns that for which there is a justifiable excuse, He becomes tyrannical and must be wrong.  He is neither!  If God condemns that for which we have a good reason for doing, not intelligence in the universe can justify Him for so doing. 

However, God does condemn all sin.  He condemns it utterly and will make no apology for that action.  It is necessary that we realize God is all-wise, compassionate, forgiving, and loving, and will allow no justification for sin.  Sin must be repented of and rejected.  If we believe there is a justification for our sin, then we believe that God is wrong, and our belief seeks to condemn Him.  Therefore, every excuse for sin places blame on God and accuses Him of being unjust!  Whoever pleads an excuse for sin is literally calling God an abusive tyrant. 

SECOND:  What Are Some Excuses Offered as Justification for Sin?

We need to examine them and consider whether the principles established by God are valid and true.  I don’t want to bog down in the minute but ask you to track with me as we consider some of man’s justifications for sin.

There is the oft used excuse of Inability.  How often have we said or heard someone say, “I can’t do that!”  What are we saying when we say that we are incapable?  It is a charge against God that He has asked you to do something that you are incapable of doing.  He is asking you to live in a manner that is not humanly possible.  It is to charge that God, who is Omniscient and Omnipresent has placed this burden on man with full awareness that man is not capable of fulfilling the demand.  That is a horrific picture of who God is. 

What is God’s penalty for sin, which is missing the mark and falling short of His Grace?  It is to remain unregenerate with embracing sin not confessed and not forgiven in our lives.  The ultimate penalty is Eternal Death!  Therefore, whatever God has required of us carries with it the penalty of eternal death if we disobey.  If He knows we cannot do it that would make the requirement diabolical.  That charges God with tyranny of the worst kind!

I contend that God never requires something of us that He has not or will not give us the ability to do.  The Bible says that “His commandments are not grievous.”  They assuredly would be if we could not do what He requires.  Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and My burden light.”  Excuses for why we cannot says, “LORD, your yoke is so hard that no man could possibly endure it, and your burden so heavy that no man can bear it.”  That, in my view, is Blasphemy!

There is a denominational confession of faith that says: “No man is able, either by himself, or by any graced received in this life, perfectly to keep the commandments of God; but doth daily break them in thought, word, and deed.”  Wow!  That says that no person can keep God’s Commandments.  That’s true in our own ability but it goes beyond and declares that even with God’s help we cannot!  That is tragic because it makes the Gospels and God a lie.

I wish to examine some additional excuses in the next devotional and hope that God is using me to challenge you and cause you to think.  If I do that, He will do what He desires in our lives.

May the LORD be with you as you embark on today’s leg of your life’s journey in Jesus!