Spiritual Blog - Blind Spots

Proverbs 27:6 – “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.” NASU

Have you ever taken a trip with six or seven people in a small car?  Even a short trip can seem like an endless journey when you are packed in like sardines.  I recall a friend telling of taking a trip in a small economy car with his family – six of them packed into that small vehicle.  He was unable to see through the back glass using the rearview mirror they were so packed in and it was an exercise in futility to try to get the children to all move in unison.  He had to completely trust his son to advise him when it was safe to change lanes and his son realizing how difficult it was for the dad to trust him said, “Dad, you have to believe me.  This is a real lesson in trust.”  You see, the boy was the dad’s eyes. He was able to fill in the ‘blind spots’ because he could see things from a better perspective.  All of us have BLIND SPOTS and need someone else to help us find them.

Our family and friends can often see things in our lives from a clearer or different perspective than we.  We sometimes become aware of our ‘blind spots’ as we see those same things in others.  This was possibly the situation when Nathan the prophet went to David the king to point out his ‘blind spot’.  Nathan used the approach of relating a supposed real incident to David and enable David to see for himself what his ‘blind spot’ was.

One would think that Nathan’s story would have been unnecessary.  How could a man cause the death of another without realizing the depravity of his own heart?  Sadly, that is where David was.  Maybe it was out of a sense of entitlement, I don’t know but in the story of David taking Uriah’s wife Bathsheba and having Uriah killed in battle is a horrific story of how a man like David can descend into the trap of sin.  Nathan used a third person story to get David’s attention and told of a rich man who had many sheep and a poor man who had only one.  When Nathan told David how the rich man had stolen the poor man’s singular sheep David was furious and declared that the guilty party should be put to death.  At that point, Nathan pointed his finger in David’s face and said, “You are the man!”  David immediately recognized his ‘blind spot’ and sin and cried out in repentance.

In saying this I must ask several questions as we seek to deal with our own ‘blind spots’ and move forward into what God would have us become.


James 1:8 tells us that a ‘double-minded’ man is unstable in all his ways.  I am reminded of an account a preacher told me years ago. It was a time when God taught him the importance of ‘consistency.’  He as rushing home after having dropped off some of their children at school and in the back seat was his youngest son.  He was anxious to get home to attend to other things and began speeding down the highway.  The lad spoke up and said, “Dad you are going 75 miles an hour!”  It took him by surprise because he didn’t think the child could understand a speedometer but trying to conceal his surprise he said, “So what?”  The little boy said, “But the speed limit is 55”  At that moment the Holy Spirit began to minister to his heart and he realized that it was in his heart that he could do wrong so long as he didn’t get caught and it was okay.  He was, by his actions, teaching his child a ‘double-standard’ and conviction gripped him.  He was teaching his son that it was okay to ‘say one thing’ and yet ‘do another.”

For most adults ‘speeding’ is not a big deal but for a young child in the developmental stages of life it is ‘breaking the law’ and therefore wrong – CUT and DRIED!  It is a ‘double standard’ and if we can do it there why not everywhere?

I have more questions to pose but will stop there and pray that God grant you a great day and help you to be CONSISTENT!  Blessings!




BUT I CAN’T SEE THAT, LORD It is in My Blindspot…


Proverbs 27:6 – “Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.” NKJV 


Have you ever taken a road trip with 5 or 6 people in a small car?  Even a short trip can seem like an endless journey.  I heard about a man that took a trip with his family (6 people) in an economy car.  They were packed in like sardines and he could not see out the back of the car through the rearview mirror and found getting the kids to move in unison was an impossibility.  He had to completely trust his oldest son to tell him when it was safe to move in and out of traffic or change lanes.  The son realized that it was incredibly difficult for his father to rely on the instructions of a teenager so he said, “Dad, you have to believe me!”  That was a real lesson in trust!  The boy was his father’s eyes.  He was able to see the blind spots because he could see things from a different perspective.  We all have BLIND SPOTS and need someone to help us identify them.  Our family and friends can often see things in our lives much clearer than we and we can see things in others they cannot see.  The motivation of identifying and ministering to ‘blind spots’ is a key factor but the fact they are there is inescapable.

An illustration Scripture that I have often used is that of Nathan the prophet and David the King.  It would seem absolutely unnecessary that David should need to hear the story of Nathan to recognize his own depravity and failure but he did.  How could anyone and especially someone who fears God deliberately send another man to his death?  But, that is precisely what David had done with Uriah, when he (David) had a sexual liaison with Bathsheba, Uriah’s wife.  Nathan did not approach David in a direct frontal confrontation.  That might have been fatal considering what David had done.  He used a third party illustration to get David’s attention and also avoid the king’s emotional blind spot.  Nathan related a parable of a rich man with many sheep and a poor man with only one.  In Nathan’s story the rich man stole the poor man’s lone sheep and David became irate at the injustice.  David immediately declared that the man who had done such a thing should surely be put to death.  [2 Samuel 12].  His sense of justice overwhelmed him.  At that point, Nathan pointed his finger in the king’s face and said, “You are the man!”  As he chastened David, the king immediately recognized and repented of his sin.  It took courage for Nathan to approach David, but he knew that God could not and would not condone David’s sin, therefore in obedience to God, with a heart of love, and a desire to see restoration and reconciliation he risked his life to expose David’s ‘blind spot.’

I have multiple objectives in this devotional or series of devotionals that will arise out of this thought but the prime is enabling us to identify our BLIND SPOTS either through hearing the Holy Spirit directly or opening our hearts to hear the wounds of a friend.  Let me ask a question and give an illustration(s) and scripture references which, hopefully, will enable each of us to confront or develop those areas in our lives which the Holy Spirit opens to us.  My motive is not judgmental but for the purpose of helping each of us identify our BLIND SPOTS and fill those voids and cavities in our lives with truth and righteousness.  Are you game?  Let’s begin with the question(s):


That is incredibly important in life especially spiritually.  James 1:8 declares that a ‘double-minded man’ is unstable in ALL not some of his ways!  Let me relate what I heard some years ago about a preacher regarding the bad habit of being inconsistent.  He said that he was rushing home one day, after having dropped off the older children at school and the pre-school child was riding in the backseat.  The child could see the dashboard of the car.  The preacher’s mind was somewhere else and he was speeding down the highway anxious to get home and move on to other things.  His little boy taught him a less he never forgot.  The little lad spoke up and said, “Dad, you are going 80 miles per hour!”  The preacher was shocked.  He didn’t realize that the child could understand a speedometer but tried to remain calm and casual said, “So?”  The lad said, “but the speed limit is 50.”  After getting over the shock that the child understood miles per hour and speed limits the Spirit of God gripped his heart.  The child had exposed a ‘blind spot’ in his nature about consistency or the lack thereof.  He realized that he apparently thought or believed that it was okay to do something wrong (speeding) so long as he did not get caught.  The truth that came to light was he was teaching his child a “double standard” by his actions.  It was not deliberate or premeditated but the message was being conveyed all the same.  He was, by his actions, teaching his child to say one thing and do another.  His actions were conveying the message that talk does not have to be congruent with actions.  Simply, he was teaching, “Do as I say, not as I do!” 

Can you see the problem?  Let me ask, can you see any areas where you are inconsistent in your life?  What do you think God would have you do about that?  We cannot stop here so we will pause and let each of us meditate on that thought and pick up where we left off next time.  

May the Lord richly bless you, guarding and guiding you as you embark on this day’s leg of your life journey!