1 Corinthians 3:21-23 – “So let no one boast about men. For all things are yours— 22 whether Paul or Apollos or Kefa, or the world or life or death, or things present or things to come. All are yours, 23 and you are Messiah’s, and Messiah is God’s.” TLB

As I prayed and read this morning, many things filled my heart. This passage grabbed my heart.  I believe it is important to muse on, meditate, ponder God’s word, and find the nuggets under the surface.  These verses brought me to consider the Message, the Promise, and the Provision for the believer.

I ask that you notice several things, the first being – “All things are yours.”  When we read the word ALL, we must determine what that means.  ALL THINGS?   He included all things past, present, and future.  Immediately I was reminded of the declaration of Jesus – “Fear not, little flock, for it is My Father’s good pleasure (desire) to give you the Kingdom.”  Also, Paul’s statement that the Kingdom of God is not material but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.  So, what are the ALL things spoken of here?

As we ponder the matter, we realize that The Kingdom of God is God.  He said we are to seek the Kingdom AND Righteousness, THEN; all things will be added or given to us. Again, we come to All Things.

Therefore, if ALL THINGS are ours, then God declares that we ARE in Him abiding and His Word in us, producing the fruit of righteousness in us.   How many of us see ourselves as possessors of ALL things?  How many of us have struggles, trials, difficulties, problems, and something we seem unable to overcome? 

Where we see ourselves is vastly different from the declaration of God that ALL things are ours and that we are the possessors of ALL things.  But, according to the Bible, that is how we are.  We are IN CHRIST.  If we are IN Christ, then we are Abiding IN Him, and His Word is Abiding IN us.  What does that suggest? 

God calls us to live AS WE ARE, in Him!  Our call is not how the natural minis d influenced but the devil wants us to think.  If Jesus is WHO The Bible said and did WHAT the Bible says, THEN we are the Righteousness of God, and ALL things are ours.

God views things from Heaven’s perspective FINISHED.  We view things from our earthly human perspective as they exist in our time-space continuum.  God calls things that are not (in the natural) as though they were because they are in Heaven.  God is not looking at the problem from the problem but from the solution.  He is not looking at things from earth, reaching for heaven. He is looking at things in his Eternal Present and sees them done. 

If we believe the Bible, it is time for us to begin to view ourselves as Abiding in Christ, and from that position and condition, we can see ourselves as being AS HE IS.  How is He?  He is Victorious, having triumphed over the devil.  Jesus did not live with any sense of lack.  He saw things as the Father saw them.  He did what He saw the Father doing and said what He heard the Father saying.  Therefore, if we are IN HIM, we, too, need to allow the Holy Spirit to transform our thinking to view life from God’s Eternal Present rather than our human frailty.

It is time to declare our victory, dispossess the squatters on our promises and possess our inheritance.  

WHO ARE WE?  We are those to whom all things have been given. Therefore, as a Child of the King and more than a conqueror, a New Creation in Jesus, I can be a manifestation of Jesus on this earth.  Today I urge you to dismiss doubt and disregard all the flaws you think you see in yourself, open your heart and hands to God, and say THANK YOU!  Receive it; it’s yours.

God bless you as you embark on a new way of thinking and living, Victorious in Jesus

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