YOU ARE DEAD – But Not Dead as In Dead…

Romans 6:11 – “Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  NKJV

Romans 6 is a fun but challenging chapter for most believers.  The apostle Paul spent a great deal of time dealing with the matter of Law vs. Grace and explaining the purpose of the Law and the beauty of Grace. 

He must have had a wonderful sense of humor, although he may have been stoically serious when he wrote and spoke the words of the first two verses of this chapter.  “What shall we say then?  Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?  Certainly not!  How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it?”  Everybody I know, who has received Jesus as Savior, has struggled with sin even after salvation.  Some to a greater degree than others, and some wouldn’t admit it if caught red-handed, but everybody I know has experienced struggle.

Paul went through a lengthy and detailed explanation of our position in Christ through Grace, and the focal point is that YOU ARE DEAD!  You have been Crucified!  You are no longer bound by sin but have been liberated and released from the power of darkness.  We died with Jesus in our Old Man.  The thought of death could be morbid, but Paul says, take heart, saints.  “If we died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with Him….”  We are Dead but not Dead as in Dead but Dead as in Alive in Freedom from Sin!  Death and Sin no longer have legal authority over you if you are IN CHRIST through Grace.  Jesus died once so that we might live forever!  Hallelujah!

Paul brings us to v.11, reminds us of the Life and Death and Resurrection of Jesus, and says, “Likewise….”  Just like He did it.  “Likewise, you also….”  This is after the work of grace in your heart and your part in the process.  This is not to get you into grace but because you are in grace.  “…you also reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  

If you are trying to get saved every day, you have not reckoned yourself dead to sin.  You are recognizing and giving validity to sin and acknowledging its power in your life.  Jesus paid the price for our salvation, and IF we have repented of our sins, called up His name, and received His Grace, WE ARE SAVED!  That’s what the Bible declares. 

If we are saved, we are “New Creations, Dead to Sin, and Alive to God.”  We have been Born Again, and in that state, we are Dead but Alive!  Dead to Sin, but Alive to God. That is a determination that we must make.  By our faith declaration and commitment of mind, we determine that based on what God’s Word has declared and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives that we are Dead to Sin…  Dead to Unrighteousness.  Dead to the Old Man.  But we are Alive to God and in God.  You cannot be Dead to Sin and give place to it at the same time. 

Sin either has authority over you or no authority over you.  The devil knows that you have been saved; in God’s eyes, you are no longer bound by sin; YOU ARE DEAD!  However, he knows that he can manipulate, influence, and deceive you if you either do not realize it or do not fully believe it.  He loves it when you struggle every day to believe that you HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN! 

He delights in reminding you of every wrong thought, word, or deed and chides you with, “A good Christian would not do that, think that, or be like that.”  Remind him of the Cross. Remind him of the grave. Remind him of the resurrection.  Remind him that he is a defeated foe and no longer has any legal claim on you, for you are Dead to Sin through Jesus Christ and Alive unto God.  You are Dead but not Dead as in Dead but Dead as in Alive!

Stop allowing the devil to intimidate you and Reckon (determine, judge, esteem) yourself to be Dead to Sin and Alive unto God through Jesus Christ.  That’s what God says about you, so why not agree with God for a change instead of agreeing with the devil?

Blessings abundantly as you enjoy this wonderful day in Jesus!

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