1 John 2:1-2 – “My little children, these things I write to you, so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. 2 And He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world.” NKJV

In this passage, we see one of those words in the Bible that many look at, read and pass by without giving a lot of thought to – PROPITIATION. John tells us in this passage that his purpose was to help them come to the place where they “do not sin.”  However, he also recognized that they were human beings and subject to stumbling and succumbing to temptation and thereby entering into an “act of sin.” 

The pastor heart of John compelled him to address the truth that “if we do sin (or as someone said – “when we sin”) we have an Advocate (someone to plead our case in the legal court of heaven) and that one is Jesus who paid the price for our redemption.  No greater Attorney could be found than Jesus Himself.  His standing with the Father is unequaled by any.

John tells us that Jesus was the “propitiation for our sins.”  Simply He is the ATONEMENT.  He paid the ultimate and complete sacrifice or price for our redemption.  Jesus came among us and lived as a man subject to all temptations like we are and lived above sin.  He satisfied the demands of divine justice and became the sacrificial lamb for the Sin of the Word. 

Through His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension He has fulfilled the legal requirements of divine justice to break the hold and power of the devil on our lives.  We no longer belong to the devil we belong to God and any time we fall short and miss the mark the devil is Johnny on the Spot to remind us and God of that fact.  That is where Jesus comes in.  He receives our repentance and presents us before the Father and identifies His work, the covering of His blood on our sins, and our repentance.  He is our Attorney!

Therefore, instead of allowing the devil to beat us up over sin, realize that we have one pleading our case that is worthy – Jesus!  So instead of giving up and throwing in the towel saying it is no use recognize that it is “in Him” and “through Him” that we live and move and have our being.  Our hope is not in our ability but in Him.  Our hope is not in our perfection but in His.  Our hope is not in our reaching a point that we have no flaws but in Him who is flawless.

Therefore, as you go through this day and refuse to allow any sin to beset your course.  If you sin, immediately go to your attorney – Confess that sin, receive His pardon, and allow Him to present your case in the court of heaven.  You are part of the redeemed of the Lord so rejoice!

May God be with you as you go through the day!  Blessings! 

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