Psalm 119:15-16 – “I will meditate on Your precepts, And contemplate Your ways. 16 I will delight myself in Your statutes; I will not forget Your word.” NKJV

Most of us spend far more time contemplating and meditating upon things that are of no redeeming value and only cause an erosion of faith, confidence, and boldness.  Jesus spoke to that in Matthew 6 when He addressed God’s provision and the fallacy of our worrying about things. 

In verse 27 we read – “Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?” NKJV You cannot get taller or gain more influence through worry.  Your bank account will not grow through worry.  Your health will not improve through worry.  The mountain or giant you are facing will not diminish or grow lesser in strength through worry, so Why Do We Worry?

I am convinced we worry because of several things:

  1. We are not truly trusting God.  We believe that He is, and we have trusted Him for our salvation, but we do not really trust Him to handle the affairs of life.  Before you argue if you do then why do we Worry?
  2. We do not know God or His Covenant.  We know about God and have entered into the family of God through the New Birth, but we only know the Acts of God not the Ways or Heart of God, so we Worry!
  3. We have assumed a responsibility, not ours.  Let me ask, “Is God the Sovereign God of the Universe?”  Then when did it fall our lot to worry?  Has He not promised to be with us in all things and provide for our every need?  Then why do we Worry?

I believe that the reason David was called a “man after God’s own heart” was in part because of his understanding in this area.  I believe that is why God used David to establish the Tabernacle of David and the Davidic Worship that the Church is just beginning to get a glimpse of today and the power that is in it.

Listen to what David has to say as He declares to God and whoever will hear or read:

  • I WILL (not intermittently) but I WILL meditate on Your Precepts.
  • I WILL (not casually when I have nothing else to do) I WILL CONTEMPLATE your Ways.
  • I WILL (not when things are good but at all times) I WILL DELIGHT myself in your Statues.
  • I WILL NOT (this is a constant in his life)I WILL NOT FORGET Your Word.

If we incorporated those four things into our daily lives, we would shake off the shackles of WORRY, FEAR, FRETTING, and yes FAILURE in our Spiritual lives and walk in the Abundant Life that Jesus promised us.  We would come to know not only What God does but Who God is. 

We would learn His heart and instead of questioning His motives, the seeming delays, or His allowing storms to come into our lives, we would Rejoice.  We would because we would Know that these are only opportunities for God to demonstrate His Love, Power, Keeping, Care, and Covenant as a testimony to the World and a reminder to the devil.  We could and would walk in a continual attitude of gratitude and praise and that kind of disposition draws like a magnet in a bin of metal shavings.

May God help and way with you as you go through this day in Him.  Blessings!

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