Luke 17:32 – Remember Lot’s wife!” TLV

The title is not a question “Remember Lot’s wife? It is a warning.” I find that a most interesting statement inserted in Jesus’ discussion of the signs of the coming of the LORD and comparing it to Noah’s day.  It is one of the shortest statements of our LORD in the New Testament yet is impactful in more ways than I can fully convey in a short devotional. 

There are some very solemn reasons to ‘Remember Lot’s Wife!’  That is especially true as we draw near the return of Jesus.  Lot’s wife looked back and rendered herself unfit for the deliverance being afforded Lot’s family.  It is one of the most tragic pictures in the Bible.  Lot and his family were being led to freedom from destruction, but Lot’s wife disobeyed the directive and ‘looked back.’  Her looking back indicated a divided heart and disqualified her.

For anyone to be found unfit at the return of Jesus is a most tragic picture.  The account of Lot’s family brings to light some significant and interesting truths applicable for today.  In consideration of this verse, it is necessary to go back to the record of God’s deliverance of that family from the wickedness of Sodom.

Lot’s family and the families of today are quite similar in many respects.

  • Lot’s Family had religious orientation – They knew and believed in the Almighty God, Creator of Heaven, and Earth.
  • Lot’s Family was interested in self-betterment – Concerned with their own welfare.  I say that in light of the reason for Lot’s choice in separation from Abraham.  He chose what appeared best for him with little concern for his uncle.
  • Lot’s family had settled in and were planting their roots in that region and culture.  They had established themselves in the community.  Lot’s daughters were marrying the residents and Lot was on the City Council (so to speak).

The city of Sodom had become their home and, they had turned a blind eye to the evil and corruption going on around them.  They ignored the wickedness of the city and the abominations being committed.  They appear to have adopted the attitude of live and let live and sought acceptance by accepting the culture.

Lot’s family lived near the corruption in such a manner as to not be offensive to the inhabitants of the city.  They were not rocking the boat.  Their lives and roots had become established.  They found security and comfort in their surroundings.  Their lives were invested in the society in which they lived.  Their philosophy seemed to have been that would live quietly and not advertise their faith.

In today’s world, some have become so tied to possessions and their standing in the community, they are unable or unwilling to see the evil and destruction.  I suggest that Lot’s wife’s love for what she had indicated that her heart was in Sodom and that was more powerful than the directive to come out from among them and be separate.  It seems she longed for what she had more than she longed for the deliverance being offered. 

Therefore, the directive of Jesus is germane to us – Remember Lot’s Wife!  She looked back and lost her deliverance.  There is the danger of being so in love with what we have in this world we lose sight of what God is offering in Jesus. 

I want to go a bit deeper into this and will address some pertinent revelations regarding Lot’s wife in the next devotional.  Until then, may God be with you guarding and guiding you through your day!  

Have a Great Day in Jesus!


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