Matthew 6:33 – “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”  NASB

I confess I hesitate to use a single verse as my text for this devotional because the preceding and subsequent verses are incredibly germane and vital for the full understanding and impact.  However, I will focus on three words, “But seek first…”  This is not meant to say, “just seek anything but something specific and that is God, His kingdom, and His righteousness.”  He must become the prime pursuit of our lives and must be sought before and above everything or anything else.

There have been countless messages, sermons, and exhortations regarding the need and value of Commitment and Dedication to God.  The warning cry of men of God for generations has been to beware of putting anything before or above God.  There have been urgent pleas week after week from pulpits around this world seeking to inspire and encourage people everywhere to see that which is the most important in life. 

There is something or someone that is to be placed above everything in life and that is God!  There is something or someone upon which or whom or Eternal Existence depends and that is God!  The message of Jesus in this declaration is not just valuable for the believer it is vital.  It is not simply a suggestion, but a declaration of not only what God desires but that which will produce the most incredible victory we could ever experience this side of heaven.

The declaration of Jesus, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and…” is important. The “and” is a vital word in this truth.  It reveals the benefits of following the directive.  It reveals the natural benefits and the material benefits, but it also reveals the eternal and spiritual benefits.  There is nothing in life that is more important than the Presence of God and In His Presence, we find Hope, Peace, Joy, Forgiveness, and the incredible Provision of His Promises.

Sadly, far too many stop at “seek first the kingdom…”  Rather than seeking His kingdom often they are investing themselves, their time, energy, money, talents, and abilities into developing a kingdom of their own.  A kingdom of recognition, fame, fortune, influence, power, and things.  In that kingdom, God is often forced to the sidelines or out of the picture entirely.  The world and even the church are filled with Kingdom Seekers, but not His Kingdom and His Righteousness. 

I must tap the brakes lest I appear overly negative.  I do not believe that everyone in the church or even most of the people in the church are in that position and condition. Far too often we relegate God to the Emergency Button Position.  We seek Him as we would break the glass in case of an emergency.  We talk to Him in times of trial rather than making Him the most important and first sought after of our day. 

When I meditate and muse on this passage, I see several things clearly suggested:

  • Something is to be Sought.
  • The Priority of that which is to be Sought.
  • The Benefit of Obedience.

Over the next couple of devotionals, I will focus on those three things, and I hope you will join me and then take it far beyond what I suggest as you meditate, muse, consider, and ponder this passage again and again.

I am going to pause here and declare that in the next devotionals we are going to consider the question, “WHAT ARE WE TO SEEK?”

May the LORD richly bless you and create a hunger and thirst in your heart as you prepare your hearts to “Seek First, Him, His Kingdom, and His Righteousness.”   May your day be rich and filled with His presence and His blessings!

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