Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in Adonai with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” TLV

Anxiety, worry, or fretting is a problem!  It is a problem that all have had or will have at some point in their life.  I am extremely grateful to the LORD for His wonderful grace and goodness to me.  This passage has a deeply personal meaning to me for it was the key passage that brought me to salvation.  It was meaningful then and throughout my years has been a vehicle through which God has revealed His Truth and Love powerfully repeatedly.  It has been a key in helping me be free of anxiety and live in peace.

The human mind has an element in it that requires divine deliverance or help to rid itself of before we can walk in perfect peace in all things.  That element is anxiety or worry!  I have known what I call chronic worriers.  They have a misplaced trust and misapplied confidence or lack thereof.  Until this element is overcome it deals almost constant misery to the person tormented by it.  It has been one of the enemies’ most effective tools to hinder the believer in his or her faith and development.

The writers of the Book of Proverbs frequently give keys to victory over worry.  That makes it a powerful book for study. 

  • WORRY – – Can cause a person to become sick physically, depressed mentally, and hinders them from rising to the place of victory and power that God would have them enjoy in life spiritually.
  • WORRY – – Hinders prayer by placing trust in the arm of flesh more than in the Omnipotent Creator of all things.  It trusts what it can see rather than what it cannot see.
  • WORRY – – Is a deterrent to faith.  It loses hope before the victory arrives because it dwells in the realm of the natural disregarding the supernatural. Let me state something that we know but need to be reminded of – You were not born worried.
  • WORRY – – Is often learned.  Parents who are worriers teach their children by example to worry and fret.  Parents who are chronic worriers demonstrate a lack of confidence in the faithfulness of God.
  • WORRY – – Can be overcome!  It is overcome by the Word of God and Trust in the God of that Word. 

There are two types of things we should not worry about – Those we cannot control and those we can.  The writer of this Proverb reveals that spiritual victory is ours if we follow the direction offered.


That is 100%, complete and total Trust!  It is to place our lives, the entirety of it, all that we have, and all that we do in His hands.  It is to live a life of obedient expectancy.  We need to remind ourselves that we had to trust God for our Salvation.  We must develop confidence in God’s faithfulness and His ability to keep His Word.  We are to Trust in Everything!  We are to trust God in times of grief, joy, tears, storms, valleys, mountains, and sunshine.  Trust Always!

We are to trust God when the bills are paid and when they are not.  It is easy to declare that we are trusting God when everything is in place and no storms on the horizon.  We are to trust God when we are sick and when we are well.  We are to trust Him in times of prosperity and times of lack.  We are to trust Him when we are bubbling over spiritually and emotionally and when we are in a season of drought.

It is putting complete confidence in God.   We are instructed in 1 Peter 5:7 to “cast all our worries on Him, for He cares for you.” Also in Isaiah 26:3, we are informed that God “keeps in perfect peace the one whose mind is stayed on You.”  It is not always easy to rest in God, but it is a place He has provided for us if we will commit our entire lives to Him and relax in His Person, Power, Provision, and Promise. 

I want to take this a step further and will do so in the next devotional.  Until then, I pray that the Peace of God that passes all understanding be yours.  Have a Great Day!

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