Judges 7

Great things are wrought when people hear and obey God’s direction.  When things reach the state of impossible with men, they are yet a minor task for God.  The only hindrance to the hand of God moving on our behalf is disobedient and rebellious hearts and minds.  God is not concerned about the way things appear in the natural.  We are!  He knows the end from the beginning, but we look at the beginning from the end.  We are temporal and He is eternal.  We are limited, but He is unlimited!

God is always more concerned about our obedience than the problem!  God is always looking for those who will risk everything in dependence upon Him and obedience.  He is looking for those who will dare to believe. 

This is an incredible account of the miraculous intervention of God in a national problem.  It can be applied to our individual lives, our family, or the nation.  God is God and will always be God and when He finds those who will trust Him and obey, He is anxious to manifest His Glory.

The Midianite army was massive and 32,000 had responded to Gideon’s call.  God did an amazing thing and said, “Sorry, Gideon, you have too many with you.”  What?  Too many?  LORD, do not you see the size of the Midianite army.  We are severely outnumbered as it is, what do you mean too many?  God said, “Tell those that are afraid to go home.”  If the rest were not afraid, what were they feeling when 22,000 packed up and left.  Now it is 10,000 against thousands upon thousands. 

God then says, “Sorry, Gideon, there are still too many!”  I can imagine what was going on in the minds of the 10,000.  They were probably thinking, God must be crazy, or Gideon has lost his mind.  Out of the 10,000, God’s instructions reduced Gideon’s army (if you can call it that) to three hundred.  God’s instructions could be translated, choose the ready, the watchful, and watch Me do my thing. 

If the battle is the LORD’s, then, trust must be at its zenith.  God reduced the number to the point that it would be impossible in the natural and there would be no way Gideon or anyone could take credit for the victory.  This is God’s Pattern!

It is always vital that we follow God’s orders exactly.  God had chosen a man to lead a group of people into a battle that when it was over, only God could get the credit.  He gave Gideon the plan and Gideon followed His orders precisely.  God then performed what only God could do and gave them an undeniable miracle. 

The message for us is, do not look at the immensity of the problem or the impossibility.  Obey the directive of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and the voice of God.  Never mind the popularity of the action or the unpopularity, be obedient to God’s directive.  Public opinion does not win victories it may make us palatable to the crowd, but lasting victory is won in obedience to God.

If God is in it, it will not fail.  Obedience to the LORD is the only pathway to victory!  My question is, What has God directed you to do, that seems impossible?  Will you trust Him and follow His plan?  If you will, the Victory is assured.  It may not be easy, but God never fails.

Have a fantastic day in Jesus!

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