Numbers 13:1-3; 17-33

The Promise of God was – “The Land Is Yours.”  The Problem was – “There Were Occupants on the Land.”  Those inhabitants had controlled it for an exceptionally long time and did not honor God or His decree and had no intention of giving up the land they occupied.  That is a Problem!  God said, “It is yours” but the inhabitants said, “Over our dead bodies!”

Israel had to strategize and learn to fight to enable them to move into the Place of Promise and attain the Promised Victory. God had given the Promise. The inhabitants refused to honor the Promise and Covenant of God. It was up to Israel to transition into Spiritual Warfare which would have to be walked out in the natural and Possess the Land. They had to possess it spiritually before they could possess it naturally.  They had to Believe the Promises of God and no matter what their natural eyes saw they had to be willing to act on the Promise as though it were an accomplished reality in the natural. 

The Land of Canaan is a specific place, but this Promise is far beyond a plot of ground in the Middle East.  That is not to diminish its importance, but the Promise is The World as Romans 4:13 reveals.  This is far beyond land in the Middle East it is the opening to the Promises of God through Christ Jesus and our full victory in this walk of faith.  What took place in the Natural is to instruct us in the Spiritual.  God wants us to Possess the Land or Place of Promise.

It is important that we rehearse some things in Scripture as foundational principles and facts for us to build on.

  • God gave Adam RULE over the Earth. (Genesis 1:26,28).
  • God repeated that Promise to Noah. (Genesis 9:1-2).
  • God gave man RULE over the Earth. (Psalm 8:6).
  • God’s Kingdom is everlasting, and His Dominion endures to all generations. (Psalm 145:3).
  • God Promises to subdue people and nations under our feet. (Psalm 47:3).
  • God has given Authority (Dominion) over all the power of the enemy.  (Luke 10:19).

Those are Facts!  They are the Promises of God, but the devil does not want to honor God’s decree, therefore we have the responsibility to reclaim the land and appropriate the promises enforcing the Victory of Jesus at the Cross.  Therefore, in a very real sense Canaan is, in addition to being a specific place, the Place of Promise, Abundance, and Victory that has to be taken by force.  Through Spiritual Warfare! 

The question immediately comes to mind, “How Do We Do That?”  In simplistic terms, we follow the biblical pattern and revelation found in Numbers 13 as our beginning.  God has an order that He operates in.  That does not mean that one thing is more important than another, it simply means order which keeps focus and eliminates confusion.


Why is it necessary to have a strategy?  If God decreed it, can’t we just go and do whatever we feel needs to be done?  Why should we be concerned with the unseen realm, after all, we live in the natural don’t we?  Let me use a natural illustration that I believe will help.  How do you get rid of thistle bushes or crabgrass?  Do you clip it off at the ground or do you go after the roots?  One way you get to repeat the process over and over in a never-ending struggle, the other way you achieve victory.  Which is more effective and efficient?

Likewise, Satan cannot operate unless he has legal ground or unless we are ignorant of our Provisions and Promises in the Lord.  So, we need a strategy that allows us to investigate and find out if there is “legal ground.”  If there is, we must tear out the root of that authority!  We need to discover the history and see how the fruit and roots came into being and how they operate.  We need to renounce any wrong covenants we may have made and in repentance return to the Lord receiving the Blood Covering.

We commit ourselves fully and completely to the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to transform us.  We take God’s Promises to heart and see them as realities in the natural as well as in the Spiritual Realm.  We then determine that we will not be deterred from the Place of Promise and learn to use the weapons of warfare that are mighty through God to the pulling down strongholds. 

We Hear the Promise! 

We then See the Promise! 

Then we Possess the Promise!

God, bless you as you move onto your Place of Promise in God!

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