Joshua 1:1-9

Back to our discussion of Canaan and the Here or Hereafter and walk through some issues regarding the typology used to determine what each of the factors represents in our Christian walk.  I believe we can all agree that Egypt represents Sin and Passover represents the Covering of the Blood of Jesus and Salvation. 

But what about the Wilderness, Jordan, and Canaan?  In my mind, this is where we face a problem in our standard typology.  Again, you may find this does not resonate with you but hear me out, please.  My objective is to bring us to a place of Total Victory here on this earth so that we can be even more powerful warriors for God.

What about Canaan?  Let’s compare it to Heaven.  Canaan has walled cities, giants, hostile inhabitants, and much more.  Does that sound like heaven?  If you said yes, I must ask, “Do you believe that in order for you and me to get to heaven we are going to have to dispossess the devil in that Bright City to enter in?  Are you telling me that when I die, I have to then engage in war to evict hostile squatters in heaven to occupy that eternal reward?”  Canaan, as seen in Scripture, is a Place of Warfare!  It must be possessed by dispossession and it must be occupied through warfare to keep the enemies out.  Is that a Picture of Heaven?

Let’s keep moving forward in this comparison.  Canaan is truly a land of milk and honey or provision and prosperity.  It is a Place of Victory where the Kingdom Rule of God is experienced and enjoyed but since it has ‘non-heaven elements’ it must be here, right?  I contend that it represents “The Place of the Manifest Presence and Victory of God, Here and Now!”  It is a place to be attained by the believer walking in the fullness of Christ on this earth.  It is the place of victory and authority the believer can live in as we do the works of Jesus and the greater works, He declared we would do. 

I believe that Canaan is truly “Life behind the Veil” and is attainable and to be enjoyed and experienced Before heaven.  We have enemies that we must evict but we encounter them and defeat them through the Full Armor of God, the Blood of the Lamb, and the Word of our Testimony.  We have been equipped, have the proper weapons, and have the Divine Promise of Victory! 

Thus, I believe that the picture of Israel, in the natural, is the picture of where God wants us to be spiritually.  He wants us to experience life in the ‘manifest presence’ of God.  He wants us to live out the Lord’s Prayer where He Reigns Fully, we Possess the Land, the enemies are evicted, and God is exalted.  That excites me!

But how do we get there?  We need information so that we are not ignorant of the schemes of the devil and are fully persuaded of the Promises of God.  We Faith.  We need Divine Order in our lives and local congregations where we are doing what God says when God says it and the way God says it. 

First, there is Passover where we experience the New Birth and become members of the Family of God. Then, we experience the Wilderness where we are trained and have the roots of Egypt removed from our lives.  Next, we Cross Jordan.  A side note:  Too many are worried about their gift, their call, or their ministry.  God first removes Egypt from us Then we Cross Jordan.  You don’t have to reform, just grow where you are planted in His place of planting and His timing.  If He has called us, He will provide, and, in His timing, you will reach your Jordan and enter your Canaan (Place of Promise and Victory).

Paul is known as the apostle to the Gentiles.  He was first a Jewish teacher and even after he was converted it was years before he was fully released into his full ministry.  Abraham’s impatience produced Ishmael and Moses’s impatience killed an Egyptian and cost 40 years in the desert as a fugitive. 

We are Called and I pray that God will instill in our hearts the vision of your Canaan.  I pray that it will burn hot within our hearts and that we never become religious as the Pharisees and feel we must perform.  Rather I pray that we will learn to walk in the quiet confidence that you only Do what He says Do! 

God always makes the man then the ministry.  We each have a call, a Promise, and if we will be faithful, we will Possess the Land.  There is a Place of Powerful Victory to be enjoyed and experienced in this Life and one day we will enter that Eternal Promised Land and there will be no enemies to fight, no squatters to evict, and no weapons of war needed. 

God, bless you as you move from faith to faith and victory to victory in Jesus!

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