Joshua 6:20 – “So the people shouted when the priests blew the trumpets. And it happened when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell down flat. Then the people went up into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city.”  NKJV

I have heard this story related and people read it somewhat nonchalantly without even a raised eyebrow or question mark in their eyes, but I don’t.   I have never read this story without a pause in my reading and thinking.  I do not pause in the fact that the Hebrews took the city.  I do not pause in the method of God for victory – Shouting and Blowing the Trumpets!  No!  I pause at the few words, ‘the wall fell down flat.’  

Stop and consider what happened here what happened.  The mound or ‘tell’ of Jericho was surrounded by a great earthen rampart, or embankment, with a stone retaining wall at its base.  That wall was 12-15’ tall and on top of that was a mud-brick wall about 6’ thick and 20-26’ tall.  At the crest of the embankment was a similar mud-brick wall that shows the base as roughly 46’ above the ground level outside the retaining wall and loomed high above the Israelites as they marched day after day.  All that ‘fell down flat’ and the Israelites charged in without hindrance. 

But there is more!  When I was in Israel a number of years ago, we came to the city and the guide informed us that archeological evidence had found what appeared to be a discrepancy between the Biblical timeline and where the artifacts were found from the ruins of the walls.  But as I’ve studied it, I have discovered that the Hebrew statement that the walls ‘fell down flat’ carries the suggestion that it ‘fell beneath itself’ which could mean that God pushed the walls into the ground.  I am not saying that is what happened, but I do know that this is a major miracle to have the walls ‘flat’ when there would have or should have been an incredible amount of rubble which would have caused significant difficulty for the Israelites to simply rush in. 

Archeologists have also found a section of the wall standing with houses attached and that could well be where Rahab’s house was.  This would be another significant miracle.  What we have in the defeat of Jericho is one miracle after another and that is God’s method of operation.  He is not bound by the Laws of Nature or our frailty HE IS GOD! 

So, I do not know what you need in your life and labor, but we are serving a God who can do anything and will do anything to provide you with your needed miracle.  So, as you go through your day go knowing that OUR GOD is a MIRACLE WORKING GOD!

Blessings as you enjoy this new day, He has given you!

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