John 8:36 – “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!”  TLV

Last time we identified that False Teachers target immature believers or new Christians.  We mentioned that there are three specific reasons this freedom is dangerous and destructive.

False Freedom is Dangerous Because of Where it Comes From…

False Freedom comes from false teachers having been birthed in the pit of hell.  Wherever you find the true you also find the false.  Where you find the genuine you find the counterfeit.  False teachers are not a 21st-century phenomenon.  They have been around throughout the ages.  They simply become more sophisticated in their methods and message.

False teachers claim to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.  They claim to have a new revelation in Scripture or insist that the Bible is not a valid guide for our faith and practice.  They claim to believe that the Bible is the word of God, but often suggest that their interpretation supersedes the old thought and theological conclusions.  They often twist the Scripture making it conform with their doctrine rather than forming their doctrine on the Word of God.  Their message and method result in spiritual bondage, deception, and delusion.

Peter was clear in his declaration and description.  In verse 1, he identified that they secretly introduce destructive heresies and work in an underhanded fashion.  They never, like Paul, check with other mature believers and ministers to verify their doctrines.  In verse 10, he reveals that the false teachers despise authority.  They are Proud!  They project the idea that they are the only ones with The TRUTH and that becomes incredibly dangerous and divisive.  In verse 3, Peter tells us they used Feigned Words.  The Greek word translated feigned is “Plastos” the word from which we get the English word Plastic.

What are Plastic words?  They are words that can be twisted and shaped to mean anything.  The false teachers use our vocabulary but not our dictionary.  When we talk about freedom, salvation, or sin, we use the biblical definition.  The false teachers do not define them in the same way or with the same meaning.  They use plastic words.

Notice in verse 3, they exploit or make merchandise of the hearer.  They are out for what is in it for them.  That may be money, fame, notoriety, or control.  In verses 14 and 18 we discover that they entice people.  The underlying motive in their actions and organizations is monetary, political, or control.  It is Power and Dollars!

They promote their lies to make merchandise of young immature Christians.  In verse 17, Peter compared them to springs without water and mists driven by a storm.  They are wells without water and clouds that produce no rain.  In verse 13, Peter calls them blots, blemishes, or spots in our love feasts.  They pretend to be godly but use religion as a means of making money, amassing power, and gaining control.  They are Religious Racketeers!  They offer lofty ideals that are nothing more than tinkling cymbals and rain on a tin roof.

The Warning is Clear.  We are to beware of false freedom because of where it originates.  It comes from false teachers who despise the authority of the Word of God.  They defile and deceive immature followers.  They lead back into depravity.  Jesus taught that the Holy Spirit would teach – Truth, Call Attention to Jesus the Messiah, and Validate the Scriptures.  Anything other than that is to be distrusted and avoided.

I want to pick up on warning number two in the next session, but until then I pray you will experience the Holy Spirit developing your ability to discern the truth.

God bless you as you enjoy this wonderful day in Jesus!

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