Jeremiah 33:3 – “Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’  NASB

In this life all of us are faced with ‘limitations’ and sometimes they are incredibly trying.  The strides of science, medicine, and technology in the past few decades, are nothing short of phenomenal but limited.  Children of today observe things with such a passive nonchalance that would have sent our forefathers into hiding. 

Think about it!  We have pierced the invisible wall of outer space, landed on the moon, sent machines to faraway places, and shrunk the world so that any destination is hours away.  We have created gadgets that almost rule our lives and the computer has revolutionized how many operate, communicate, and lives.  The future is even more promising as technology is outdated by the time it is marketed and knowledge is expanding exponentially at an almost alarming rate but LIMITED!

Someone said, “We have become whales in machinery and technology and minnows in morality” and that often appears to be the truth.  We are ‘better off’ but not always ‘better’.  We seem to have an unlimited ability to communicate and often nothing to say.  In a reals sense, we are observing the ‘failure’ of ‘success.”

LIMITED is a term that aptly describes mankind.  Scientists tell us that man uses only a minuscule portion of his brain and when we consider what he has accomplished using such a small portion, what are the possibilities?  He is still LIMITED!  There is one activity that man has been invited to that moves beyond the limitations of our humanness and into the infiniteness of God’s eternalness.   God has given man something LIMITLESS!

PRAYER is without limitation.  Time and space do not affect it.  Prayer touches three worlds (heaven, earth, hell) simultaneously and instantaneously.  It influences and touches like no other activity and concerns hell more than most anything we can do as humans.  It can be launched in an instant and hit its target at the speed of thought and is never confined to the laws of time or space.  IT IS LIMITLESS!

The only question is why we do not practice it more!  God extended to us the ‘invitation’ to pray.  It is a simple invitation where He says, “Call to Me…”  Everyone can do it.  There is no special education or training required to participate.  Even those who cannot speak can pray for the directive is YOU call.  It is personal as well as corporate.  It is audacious in that the King of Kings has instructed us to CALL upon Him. 

Imagine that!  It is immense as there are no conditions or limitations placed on it.  We can pray about anything!  It is dynamic for He says, “And I will answer you…”  Can you fathom that God is listening?  He said YOU call, and I WILL answer you.  That is a promise of the highest order He not only said He would ANSWER but that He would SHOW us things we did not know.  So, it is not only a time of petition but instruction!  The magnitude of that is mind-boggling!  

Prayer is an invitation to experience the Boundlessness and Limitlessness of God.  If that does not cock your pistol your hammer is broken.  Prayer breaks across the borders of time and stands firmly in eternity.  Prayers have outlasted nations and dynasties and no king, president, or potentate can nullify prayer.  They may make it illegal to pray publicly but they cannot cancel the efficacy of prayer!  

Someone said:  “If Grace is the river, Prayer is the riverbed through which it flows.  If Grace is the water of life, Prayer is the pipeline through which the water comes.  If Grace is the content, Prayer is the container from which it is poured.” The LIVING GOD of all Creation has invited you and me to PRAY!  He has invited us to engage in the LIMITELESSNESS of Him!

Shall we pray?   God be with you as you go through this day!

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