LIFE Is The Objective…

Luke 12:23 – “Life is more than food, and the body is more than clothing.”  NKJV

I realize that I have extracted a sentence from a larger context and if not careful will violate the context of the text. I never want to be guilty of that.  Jesus was talking about worry and being overly concerned about the natural provision required to sustain life as we know it.  He reminded those in His audience of the value God places on man and the detail with which God cares for His creation.  In verse 31 He gives the incredibly important directive, “BUT, seek the kingdom of God and all (first per Matthew) and all that which is needed will be added…”  He reminds us of the care the Father has for the birds of the air and the flowers of the field.  He reminds us that we can’t enhance our physical appearance by fretting over it.  We may cause it to deteriorate but not be enhanced.  (My thoughts). 

Jesus always focused on Life and without fail brought His listeners face to face with the reality that it was not encompassed by the activities of the flesh.  In verse 15 of this chapter, He reminds us that one’s life is not what you have materially.  In John 10 He reminds us of the objective of the enemy of our souls and the purpose and desire of God for us.  He said, “I am come that they may have life, and that they may have it (LIFE) more abundantly.”

If Life is not possessions, what we eat, drink, or wear, where we live, or what we drive some are left without a definition of life.  Life is more than breathing and having brain activity that would qualify by the medical definition.  If we were simply inhabitants of these physical bodies with no eternal soul or spirit that can communicate with God life would be all those things.  But we are Living Souls housed in tabernacles of clay therefore Life is spiritual and otherworldly.

The Holy Spirit called the Comforter has been dispatched by the LORD to teach us the truths of Christ.  In John 6, Jesus taught those listening that Life comes by the Spirit not the flesh and that His words were spirit and life.  It is by believing in and on Him, repenting of our rebellion and sin that the Holy Spirit is able to infuse the Life of God into our eternal souls and transform us on the inside. Our spirit man is transformed giving us Life through the new birth.  Our bodies continue to decay and die but our spirits have begun an eternal immortal journey that, if we are saved, will find us spending eternity in the presence of God Almighty.

Life, real life, as contrasted to physically being alive by all earthly definitions is eternal.  God so values life that He has made provision for us to have it eternally and in the here and hereafter abundant.  If you view life as possessions, food, clothing, housing, transportation, status, or anything of the carnal world you are talking about existence, not life.   Life is relationship with God.  Life is freedom from sin.  Life is communion with the Father.  Life is living presently in His Kingdom through our spirits.  The Bible says in 1 John 4 that “As He (Jesus) is so are we in this present world.”  HOW IS HE?

The answer to that question will cause faith to soar in your heart and give you a holy boldness you never knew.  I urge you to examine and answer that question.  As you do I know your life will become more demonstrably abundant!

God bless you as you go through this day!

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