GOD SAID – Make This Yours, Personalize It…

2 Samuel 22

As I prayed and prayed the Word of God, I heard in my heart of hearts, “Make This Yours!”  I stopped praying and began to read it more carefully and could sense it being internalized in my spirit and I have been meditating on it and have written out my personalization to review, speak, confess, declare, and pray. 

I felt the Holy Spirit directing me to share it with you and if it resonates, then make it yours. You do not have to take my personalization, but you can re-personalize it or rephrase it as you feel it applies to your life.  I am not suggesting making it something it is not or make it say something it does not but take the declaration, song, or prayer of David and as it explodes in your spirit and heart, write it down and make it yours.


God is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Deliverer. God is the one in Whom I take Refuge. God is my Shield. God is the Horn of My Salvation. God is my Stronghold. God is my Refuge. God is my Savior. God saves me from Violence. God rescues me from my Enemies.

Trouble is everywhere, the storms are raging all around me, lies assail me, death tries to strangle and bind me, it’s snares seek to entrap me and destroy me.

In my distress I call upon God, He hears from His Temple and becomes aroused and angry for me. He rips open the heavens and comes to me with His angelic hosts. He shouts from heaven and destroys my enemies. He delivers me. Although the enemies are more in number and stronger than I – God is my support and rescues me because He delights in me, I am His Child.

I walk in integrity and obedience to His Word, His Voice, His Law, and His Heart. I run to His judgments not away from them. God rewards my righteousness and obedience. He is loyal to those loyal to Him. He is blameless to the blameless. But the haughty, disobedient, and rebellious He brings low. In God, I am strong, courageous, and victorious.

In Him, I run to the battle not away from it. In Him, I can leap over my obstacles and walls. In Him, I am sure-footed as the mountain deer. In Him, I am strong and prepared for battle, trained for war. He broadens my path so that I do not slip, stumble, or fall. In Him, I pursue and crush my enemies until they can no longer rise up and assail me. They fall at my feet in surrender.

In Him, I am free from Strife and Confusion. My God is the LIVING GOD and He Reigns. I exalt Him and in Him I have Salvation. God is my Tower of Salvation and His deliverance a testimony to the nations. MY GOD REIGNS!  I AM FREE IN HIM!

If this resonates with you make it yours!   God bless you as you enjoy this day!

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