NO WONDER, DAVID IS CALLED “A Man After God’s Own Heart.”

1 Chronicles 29:10-13 – “So David blessed the LORD in the sight of all the assembly; and David said, “Blessed art Thou, O LORD God of Israel our father, forever and ever. 11 Thine, O LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, indeed everything that is in the heavens and the earth; Thine is the dominion, O LORD, and Thou dost exalt Thyself as head over all. 12 Both riches and honor come from Thee, and Thou dost rule over all, and in Thy hand is power and might; and it lies in Thy hand to make great, and to strengthen everyone. 13 Now therefore, our God, we thank Thee, and praise Thy glorious name.” NASB

I am frequently impressed with the incredible spiritual insight of David in the Old Testament.  Here in this prayer, the leader of the nation prays a prayer that demands our consideration.  The dimensions and aspects of this prayer are far-reaching and give an understanding as to why Israel prospered as it did under his leadership.  It is also an example of what we could have in modern human government if we had leaders with his heart.  He was strong, courageous, and yet compassionate and understanding.  He was, “a man after God’s heart” and his leadership reflected it.

David unashamedly stood before all the people and acknowledged God as the Sovereign King of everything.  He recognized and gave honor to God’s rulership.  No wonder Jesus would tell us to pray to the Father that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  That is where victory comes.  It is not in political wrangling or victories but in winning the war in the heavenly realm and submitting to God’s Lordship.

David recognized that everything he had and everything he had accomplished was the result of God’s dominion, grace, blessing, and provision.  Riches and honor come from God and God rules over all things.  The earth is the Lords and everything in it or on it belongs to Him.  He created it! 

David recognized that the power and might needed to achieve the purposes of God were a gift from God.  It was God that raised up and God who brought low.  It was God who gave the wisdom and ability to make great. It was through the strength that comes from Him that victories are won.

If we could or would return to a mindset of recognizing and giving honor to God as the Sovereign Lord of All Things, we would then be in a position to receive His bounty and enjoy the abundance He desires to bring.  It is as we consume things on our own lusts that we place a block between us and God and prevent Him from manifesting His greatness and demonstrating His goodness in our world.

David concluded his prayer as we should our day.  It is the way we should begin our day and end our day.  It is the way we should live each day.  It is an attitude of thanksgiving, praise, and honoring of God.  God is truly worthy of all praise!

God bless you as you enjoy this wonderful day He has given!

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