THE SEVEN (W’S) of SPIRITUAL WARFARE – The Warfare & Winners…

TEXT:  Ephesians 6:12-13; Colossians 2:15

Now we come to another aspect of Spiritual Warfare and realize that this is a battle between the devil and Jesus, and we are warriors in Christ.  We have considered the War, the Warriors, the Wiles, the Wardrobe, and the Weapons.  Now we other “W’s.”


I believe that this is where far too many get off track and miss the message and revelation.  When we put on the Whole Armor of God, we are ready to go to war, but where do we fight?  In my, over 50 years of Christian ministry I have realized that many believers do not have the slightest idea where the Battle really is.

            Is the Warfare in Visitation and Evangelism?

            Is the Warfare in Attending Meetings and Compiling Statistics?

            Is the Warfare in Buildings and Memberships?

            Is the Warfare in Conducting Busy Church Programs?

            Is the Warfare in Preaching and Teaching?

            Is the Warfare in Printing materials and Conserving Institutions?

            Is the Warfare in Charity and Caring for the Distressed?

Maybe partially, but overall the answer is NO!  The real warfare is in Prayer!  That may shock some, but that is where the real battle is won.  It was in Gethsemane that Jesus won the Victory over the devil.  The Cross was the visible evidence of that victory.  Prayer is not part of the Armor and not even listed as a weapon because it is the Warfare!

Consider the last thing mentioned in Ephesians 6, “The Word of God.”  The soldier is equipped with defensive armor and offensive weapon preparing for war.  But where is the war?  Look at verse 18, “praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit.”  The scene of the conflict is the Place of Prayer.  That’s where we win or lose the battle.  I suggest that this is the reason for the lack of victories on too many fronts in today’s church.  We are spending our energy and resources on things that are not the real war but peripheral issues.

The devil is not threatened by all the ministries of the Church. He is not bothered by busy church programs if they are not anchored in prayer.  Truthfully, none of the ministries carried on by the church are more powerful than Prayer Warfare and Intercession.  My plea is for us to head for the Front Lines and find our Prayer Closets and begin to do Spiritual Warfare and Pull-Down Strongholds.


The winners of the War have already been declared!  Jesus is the Victor and we are in Him.  He sits in the Place of Authority and is far above the powers of darkness.  He has already Won and has passed that Victory on to us.

Romans 8:37 – “We are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.”

More than conquerors?  That means more than simply winning a battle, it is benefitting from the victory and enjoying the spoils of war.  It is more than simply giving the devil a whipping on the battlefield it is making him a slave to Jesus’ Chain Gang!  It is to have not only the Victory but also the Spoils of that Victory.  It is to storm the very citadels of the devil where he has stored up treasures that belong to us and recover them. 

More than conquerors?  That means that we are to be the aggressors and keep the devil off balance and refuse to allow him time to regather his forces.  It is to take the battle to the devil and stand in the Victory of Jesus, having done all to stand, stand!

2 Corinthians 2:14 – “Now thanks be unto God, which always causes us to triumph in Christ…”

2 Chronicles 20:15 – “…the battle is not yours, but God’s.”

Romans 8:31 – “If God be for us, who can be against us.”

We are Victors through the Blood of Jesus Christ.  My question is, “Do you know Him as Savior and Lord?  Are you a member of the family of God?  Have you been born again?”  If you are, we have a War to fight, weapons to fight with, and we know where the real war is.  Are you willing to enlist in the Army of God and fight the good fight of faith?  This is a war that has already been won but we must enforce the victory of Calvary. 

Why Not Now?  Why Not Enforce His Victory Now?

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