Text:  Ephesians 6:12-13; Colossians 2:15

Let’s take the next step in our discovery of Spiritual Warfare and how it affects the believer in today’s world. 


I cannot stress enough that this is no ordinary war.  It is a battle of invisible antagonist not a battle between flesh and blood.  Therefore, man’s methods will not work.  The devil never gets excited about human methods because he knows they are not a threat to his kingdom.

The War is real.  It may be invisible, but it is very real.  Until we step into the spiritual realm, we cannot see nor sense the immensity of this war and the powers involved.  I have discovered that in what are deemed ‘Cultured Lands’ few people recognize the existence of the devil and his hordes.  They never truly realize that a War is raging in the spiritual realm.  However, in those lands deemed ‘Heathen’, they are very aware of the existence of the devil and his demons. They are very cognizant of the War.  They may be terribly wrong in their interpretation and understanding but they know it is transpiring.

One of the first requirements for us to be effective in this warfare is to acknowledge that there is a War and then seek to discover our weapons, position, condition, and authority. I hesitate to bring this into the discussion but believe it is germane and will refer to an article published years ago about an event that transpired in 1986.  It was concerning “The New Age Movement.”  I realize that for many, that is ancient history, but bear with me, please.

I am convinced that a very large segment of the Body of Christ is totally ignorant of what is happening in the realm of darkness.  I place much of the blame for that at the feet of pastors (I was one for decades).  Pastors are charged with teaching, equipping, training, and warning their flocks of dangers.  Too much emphasis as been on feeling good about ourselves and not enough focus has been on the destructiveness of the powers of darkness.  We have sought to ‘grow our churches’ numerically rather than ‘empower’ them spiritually.

On December 21, 1986, the “New Agers” organized a group of 50,000,000 in a major effort to effect, a shift in the way humanity views reality.  They announced this would usher in the “New Age” or the “Age of Aquarius” and free the world from the influence of Christianity.  Their effort was not done in the shadows but openly and well-publicized.  John Randolph Price, Barbara Marx, and a host of other New Age leaders openly publicized the World of Instant Cooperation and few took note.

What is the World of Instant Cooperation?  This was designed to create a unified field of consciousness toward world unity or synergy.  It was hailed by its sponsors as a “planetary Pentecost”.  Interesting wording because of the biblical Pentecost it is countering.  They claimed this would restore man to ‘godhood.’  They chanted that this would result in the healing of the goddess earth.  This is the belief of those who practice Wicca (witchcraft).  The result, they claimed would be a new One World, New Age Religion born.

According to numerous New Age authors and proponents, the view and objective was that anyone who failed to cooperate would need to be eliminated.  One of their authors expressed the belief that would result in the elimination of about one-half of the world’s population. 

I ask you to get the picture in your mind of 50 million occultists, new agers, and mystics entering a state of hypnotic meditative prayer simultaneously.  But as bazaar and unthinkable as that might seem, we have information that there were likely as many as 150 million who joined in.  The ensuring difficulties and turmoil since the end of 1986 can be directly attributed to this event and subsequent events by the followers of darkness.  There is a War going on and it is imperative that we realize it and learn how to fight the good fight of faith. 

One of the organizers of the 1986 event declared that the only thing they feared was a counter-force from Christians who were empowered with the Word and Spirit of God. They followed that December event with an August one with the declared objective to achieve “Harmonic Convergence” and “Planetary Surrender.”

The War is real, and this is not the only prong of the devil’s attack but is one that transpired over 30 years ago and cannot be ignored.  The devil is serious, and the Body of Christ must be as well.  We have authority over all the powers of darkness, and it is time that we enforce the Victory of Jesus.  I caution you to remember that earthly battles fought in the energy of the flesh have no hope of victory, no victors and no spoils of war.  But, if we fight this War with God’s spiritual weapons, WE WIN!

God bless you as you enjoy this day in Him!

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