Exodus 3:1-22

I will not copy the entire text because of its length but hope you will it carefully read in its entirety.  There is no question that there are numerous wonderful and beneficial truths that could be gleaned from these verses.  Moses is an important character in this saga because of his place in history.  However, the factor that is even more commanding is the miraculous appearance of the manifest presence of God and the Call He gave to His chosen deliverer.

Frequently, in the Church or Christian community, we have placed major emphasis on the Gifts, Abilities, Anointing, and Calls.  We have elevated to supreme status those visible gifts, abilities, and anointing.  We have often struggled, fretted over, and worried about their presence or absence and found ourselves in somewhat of a quandary regarding our own personal call.  The Call of God is important.  We must be appointed by the LORD and anointed by Him else we labor in vain.

We receive the Call, the Commission, the Revelation from Him and direct our focus on that.  I believe that if a Call is from God it will not be something you can easily shake or dismiss.  He won’t let you!  However, if you attempt to fulfill that Call in human strength, knowledge, ability, and energy you will produce a dead Egyptian and experience a stint in the desert and cow pasture as did Moses or visit a prison as did Joseph.

God has a Call for each person, but with that Call comes Preparation and the time and extent of that preparation only God can determine not man.  Only God knows when we have sufficiently died to ourselves and the flesh, enabling Him to produce the needed life in us.  That is where the ability to ‘having done all to stand and keep standing’ comes into the picture.

Moses was chosen by God from birth to be the deliverer of the nation of Israel.  He was sovereignly placed in Pharaoh’s house to be trained so that he could lead the Great Nation of Israel.  Moses came to know the Call of God and saw the oppression his fellow Hebrews were enduring and assumed.  He assumed that because there was a visible need, the time must be right to act.  (Acts 7:20-25).  Notice, if you will, Pharaoh did not recognize the call upon Moses. Secondly, Israel did not recognize the call nor understand his actions.  His timing was bad.  It was his timing, not God’s.  That awarded him a trip to the Midian desert and life in a tent rather than a palace.

Moses was not ready.  He still had too much Moses in him.  He knew too much Moses and not enough God.  He knew about God, but He did not know God and there is a dramatic difference.  Had he known God, He could have relaxed and waited for the LORD’s timing.  Why?  Because he would have known that God is Never late.  God does not Call us to Fail but to fulfill His Purposes.

Moses had the call at 40 but now to prepare his heart, he would spend 40 more years in preparation on the backside of the desert in the tents of his father-in-law, Jethro.  In the School of the Desert, Moses lost much of his self-consciousness and self-confidence.  He no longer rushes ahead at the slightest mention of the Call or the Need.  He knows that He cannot do it in his own strength, and that makes him a candidate for God’s miraculous.  He is now ready to be used.

There is an incredible passage in the Book of Psalms that most read over rather than meditating on.  Psalms 103:7 we read, that God “made His ways known to Moses, His acts to the sons of Israel.”  There is a significant difference between ‘Ways’ and ‘Acts.’  Ways indicate heart, character, and purpose but Acts are what is done.  Israel saw what God could do and would do, Moses knew His heart and why He was doing it and would continue to do it.  Moses learned the Heart of God and in that the Purposes of God.

God repeated a statement numerous times in the Bible and that statement helps us to understand His heart and purpose.  He said, “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”  Let me suggest the following:

            The God of Abraham is the God of Covenant.

            The God of Isaac is the God of Promise.

            The God of Jacob is the God of Transformation.

Those are not reflections of three separate Gods but works, dimensions, and acts of God needed to understand God’s heart and purpose.  He binds Himself in Covenant to His word, and by His supernatural power, He performs and transforms.

If we are going to fulfill the Call of God, we must first discover the God of the Call and learn not just His Acts but His Ways.  We must allow God to empty us of us and fill us with Himself.  Lord, my prayer is, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  We need God to manifest Himself to us and transform us so that we become manifestations not simply representations of Him.

God bless you as you embark on today’s journey of being who He says you are!

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