AGAPE LOVE – (Part Two) …

1 Corinthians 8:1b – “…Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.”  NIV

Romans 12:5 – “so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.”  NASB

In considering the power and the need of Agape Love in the Body of Christ I ask that you consider this idea.  I believe that when there is sufficient flow of God’s, Agape Love in the body all divisiveness shrinks and diminishes in a significant measure.  It drives the devil back into the shadows and into the darkness.  Love brings light and the devil cannot stand the Light. Increasing Agape Love will cover all differences concerning non-essentials and bring oneness to the Church that Jesus prayed for.  Therefore, I contend that the greatest need of the Church is Agape Love!

I have long pleaded with Christians to remember “We Are Family.”  Family, in the natural, is far more important than opinions.  We are ‘members’ of one another.  That is a very interesting concept that seems to be lost on many within the Body of Christ today.  I wonder how many people would intentionally harm a part of their own body.  How many would cut off a toe because it didn’t look right, or function perfectly?  Yet, we do that very thing in the Body of Christ.  I find that incredibly disturbing.

The New Testament teaches that we are “Members of one another.”  Every New Testament writer recognized that truth.  But, the apostle Paul, drove it home the most powerfully in his analogy of the human body in 1 Corinthians 12:14-26.  There is no possible way that even the most carnal and immature believer could miss what Paul was saying.  He wrapped it up in an incredibly powerful package and declared in 1 Corinthians 12:27 – “Now you are the Body of Christ, and each of you is a part of it.”  You cannot misinterpret or fail to see the message.

There are three major passages in Paul’s writings that illustrate and describe the ‘Functioning Body of Christ.’  Those are 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, and Ephesians 4.  I suggest that you read and reread them until they explode in your heart and mind.  In my humble opinion, most Christians have either missed or misunderstood Paul’s emphasis in these passages.  Most of the time we are instructed by Church leaders to search to discover our spiritual gifts to function in the Body of Christ.  We have been told this because in these passages Paul makes repeated reference and gives great emphasis to specific spiritual gifts.

That demands, a closer look at what the apostle was saying.  I believe there are some truths revealed that have crystal clarity.  It is vital that we not miss them and gain an understanding of the Truths being conveyed. 

First, He is telling us that no Individual Christian can function effectively by themselves.  We are individuals but we are also part of the Body.  Let me ask, “Have you ever gotten a speck of dust in your eye?”  I cannot imagine anyone saying, “No, I never have?”  What do you instinctively do when that happens?  You rub your eye, right?  What am I saying?  It took more than the eye to resolve the problem, right?  We know that and recognize that in the natural body, but fail to grasp it in the Church, the Body of Christ.  We seem to think that we are islands and can function alone without the rest of the Body.  WE CANNOT!

I want to deal with this more but for the sake of space and time will pause here and pray that the LORD opens our eyes to see His truth and embrace the Body as extensions of ourselves. 

Blessings on your journey today in Jesus!

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