Joshua 1:2 – “Moses My servant is dead; now therefore arise, cross this Jordan, you and all this people, to the land which I am giving to them, to the sons of Israel.”  NASB

I am not trying to be morbid but most of us, if not all of us, have a ‘Moses’ in our lives.  That is not necessarily a person, but something in which we have invested our sense of safety, well-being, security, and ability to succeed.  It has been our ‘security blanket’ and we cling to it reverently and devotedly. 

I am convinced that some are so completely dependent on their training, their natural abilities, their organization or their position is their Moses.  They believe that their continued success or future success is dependent on maintaining the prominence and connection to those things.  Take away the ‘security blanket’ and many feel like a fish out of water and are lost in direction and purpose.  It could be their regimented life that gives them their sense of security and worth.  I do not know what it is, because it is different for each person, but after 50 plus years of Christian ministry, I am convinced each of us has a ‘Moses’ of some type in our lives.

Joshua had been brought up under the tutelage of Moses his leader and mentor.  He had been the one who was Moses’ personal assistant and went virtually everywhere with the man of God.  He had watched him as he guided the nation out of Egypt, across the Red Sea, and through the wilderness.  He had seen the miracles, watched as God gave instruction to Moses. 

I am convinced that Joshua was more than an errand boy for the mighty leader.  He was a close companion in whom Moses saw leadership potential and the hand of God upon.  He was the leading general in the battle with Amalek (Exodus 17).  Moses took Joshua to the mount before he ascended for the 40 days and nights in God’s presence.  (Exodus 24:13). 

It is interesting to note that the name Joshua was not ascribed to him until Moses sent him and the others to spy out the land of Canaan. (Numbers 13:16).  The Name Hoshea in the Hebrew means deliverer, but the English translated name Joshua is taken from the Hebrew Yehoshua and means “Jehovah is Salvation.”  You might say, not much difference but I suggest it is an amplification of the future ministry and purpose of Joshua.

Joshua was totally dependent on the direction and guidance of Moses.  He never acted on his own initiative.  That is what Jesus declared in the Gospels that He did not simply do what He thought up, but what He saw and heard the Father doing and saying.  He came with a purpose.  Jesus knew who he was, Joshua had not yet learned who he was.  Therefore, God issues His decree in our text verse – “Moses, is dead, NOW…”

The NOW is incredibly important.  The NOW indicated the application of Joshua’s training, mentoring, and preparation.  He was not in a position to fulfill the purposes of God for His life without the ‘security blanket’ of Moses’ oversight.  That is amplified in Joshua 1:6-9 when God speaks of courage and obedience.  Basically, God was saying, “Joshua, you have been trained and have relied on Moses, but now you are to rely on Me.  There will be no go-between and I will lead you into the fulfillment of what you have spent your life getting ready for.”

God will always engineer our lives where there comes a time that our “Moses dies” and our ‘security blanket’ is taken away.  He will bring us to that moment in our lives when we must Totally Depend on Him and Trust Him if we are to fulfill the purposes of God for our lives.

If your denomination’s recognition is your Moses, God is bigger than that organization.  If your training and education are your Moses, God is bigger than your degrees and certificates.  If your Moses is a person, God is bigger than any man or woman.  No matter what you have relied on in addition to God or instead of God, knowingly or unknowingly, God is bigger!  It is time to bury Moses and allow the Spirit of God to launch us into His purposes for our lives.

God bless you as you enjoy this day in Him and allow the Spirit of God to launch you into being who He says you are!