Jeremiah 1:9 – “Then the LORD stretched out His hand and touched my mouth, and the LORD said to me, “Behold, I have put My words in your mouth.”  NASB

When I first became a Christian, I observed something interesting in many preachers that prompted me to inquire of the Lord and seasoned veteran ministers about what I was seeing.  What I was seeing, and hearing was men standing in the pulpits emulating the current popular preacher of the day or in the particular denomination, I was associated with.  I wondered if that was how it was supposed to be done. 

The Lord, shortly after my conversion, impressed upon my heart that He was calling me into the ministry and I too would preach the Gospel.  Since it seemed that the common practice was to copy and mimic mannerisms, speech, and messages of the “current flavor of the month” preacher I tried that.  It would have been comical if it were not so sad.

Although I began simply speaking what I felt God would have me speak I soon transitioned into doing what I was seeing others do and failed miserably at it.  It was distasteful, disappointing, and most unsatisfying for me and I’m sure for those hearing me speak. 

I went to prayer and asked the Lord for a clear directive and felt that the Holy Spirit whispered in my heart – “I want you to be a voice, not an echo.”  That resonated with me in a way that I cannot find words to describe.  It was what I desired all along without really knowing that was it.  Later I felt that the Holy Spirit whispered – “I don’t need copies, I need people who will be obedient to what they hear and speak what is in their hearts with passion and compassion.”  That became the foundation of the ministry that God gave me and has remained so through the years.  My driving desire is to be a Voice and not an Echo! 

I do not want to just speak ABOUT God, I want to Speak for God or on God’s behalf.  Simply, I want to speak only what the Holy Spirit whispers in my spirit not the latest and most popular subject, topic, or method.  I have found that no matter how simple and seemingly shallow that message might appear, It Gets Results!  On the occasions I have copied someone else it was Like Rain on a Tin Roof and accomplished about as much. 

God did not call any of us to be “echoes” He called us to be “voices” speaking what He has spoken and revealed to us through prayer, the Word and the Spirit of God.  It is a driving passion and desire of my heart to have what comes call a “Now Word.” What I mean by that is a word or message that is relevant to the current congregation, situation, and need!  God knows exactly where the people that I speak to are spiritually, emotionally, relationally, etc.  He knows every detail of our lives and sometimes uses other people to speak words that provide the needed help even though they had no idea that what they were saying was having that effect.

Therefore, as you go through your days here on earth seek to Be a Voice rather than an Echo.  Allow the Holy Spirit to speak through you to whatever situation might be before you.  You don’t have to understand it just be obedient to His nudging and urging.  That’s the desire of the Father for each of us.

May the Lord bless and be with you as you go through your day!