Luke 17:32 – “Remember Lot’s wife.”  NASB

That short statement is inserted in the discourse of Jesus’ teaching regarding the coming Kingdom of God.  It is incredibly impactful and instructive.  There are some very solemn reasons for remembering Lot’s wife.  That is especially true as we come nearer and nearer to the time when Jesus will return.

It is frightful thought to be found unfit at His return.  That would be most tragic!  The account of Lot’s family holds many significant and interesting truths for us today.  In considering this verse we must go back to the record of God’s deliverance of Lot and his family from the incredible wickedness of Sodom.  I suggest that Lot’s family and the families of today are similar in many ways.

Lot’s family had a religious orientation.  They knew about and believed in God. There were interested in their own self-betterment.  If you question that, think of the division between Abraham and Lot and Lot’s choosing the better land for himself.  They had settled down and were planting their roots.  They were establishing themselves in the community.  His daughters were marrying men from that town.

The City of Sodom had become their home and to live there required them to turn a blind eye to some of the activities of the inhabitants.  Not unlike today, the world insists that we accept in order to be accepted.  They lived near the corruption living in such a manner as not to become offensive to the inhabitants of that city.  Can you see a parallel and comparison to many in today’s world?

Their lives and roots were being established in a city of gross wickedness.  They found security in their surroundings and possessions. Their lives had been invested in their society and they did not appear willing to risk it.  Their philosophy appears to be that they could live amid gross wickedness and still maintain their faith. In today’s world, some believers are so tied to their possessions and positions, they are unable to see the wickedness and evil destruction until it is too late!

It is a clear message of the Bible that Lot’s wife had a love for what she had in Sodom.  It is also clear that her love for things, position, prominence, and acceptance was more powerful than her faith or desire for deliverance!  Thus, Jesus says, “Remember Lot’s Wife!”  She looked back and lost!

I want to walk through several things and hope that it helps us to realize the dangers of trying to cohabit with evil and why the Bible would tell us to “come out from among them and be separate.”  Also, why the Bible would tell us to ‘shun the very appearance of evil.’  Lot’s wife perished, that is a fact.  She perished despite some things, many believe qualify them for acceptance by God.

SHE PERISHED – Although She Was the Wife of a Righteous Man.

I am not suggesting that Lot was a saint, but he was righteous because 2 Peter 2:7-8 calls him, “just and righteous.”  She was also related to Abraham, the man of faith and the friend of God.

SHE PERISHED – Although She Was Warned of the Danger.

Consider her situation and that of her family.  A special message and messenger from God had come to the city to enable them to escape the destruction.  How is that applicable to us today?  Consider John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.”    We too, have a special warning to flee the wrath to come and an invitation to enter the family and kingdom of God.

I want to continue this and will rehearse what we have covered and take it one step beyond in the next devotional. 

God bless you as you enjoy this wonderful day in Him!

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