Mark 9:23 – “And Jesus said to him, “‘If You can!’ All things are possible to him who believes.”  NASB

I want to take a brief stroll down the highway of faith and hit some high points regarding positive faith.  Faith is something that everybody desires!  Working faith is something that is desired by most believers but exercised by too few.  The disciples requested, “Lord, increase our faith.”  Paul informs us that “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”  The Bible declares, “unto every man is dealt the measure of faith.”  The simple truth is, “We All Have Faith!”  What we need to do is put that faith into action and develop what I call Positive Faith.


No obstacle is too imposing for Positive Faith! When I think of positive faith in the Bible one of the first people, I consider is Caleb.  He refused to allow his age to deter him from the promise. He considered God as His partner as well as his LORD.  He expected to succeed because he believed God was a Promise Keeper and he had a Promise from God through Moses.


In life, we find that there are times that we must press in and press on almost beyond our own strength and in the face of incredible obstacles and circumstances.  When I think of a faith that presses through to the victory I think of the woman with the issue of blood in the New Testament.  She saw Jesus as the answer to her situation and condition.  She believed that He could and that if she could just touch Him, she would receive.  Fighting the crowd and in her weakened state, she went to where He was, pressed through the crowd, and touched the hem of his robe.  Healing was hers! 

I also consider Jacob as he wrestled with God all night long and refused to be denied.  He was changed and became a prince with God the father of the nation of Israel.


What we are and what we believe is demonstrated in what we do.  The faith that reveals God is the faith that exhibits the qualities and characteristics of His character and nature.  It exhibits Trust in His ability to do what He says He will do.  His Omniscience and knowledge of our need.  His desire and willingness to meet that need.  It reveals God as our Loving Compassionate LORD!


I had someone tell me, “Roy, I have to talk myself out of doubt.”  I found that interesting and after giving it some thought, I realized there was some validity in that statement.  When circumstances are contrary, we have the choice of giving up, giving in, or pressing on.  We either trust or we doubt.  We either set ourselves in the position to fail and rest all our hope in Him or we pull back and trust our own ability. 

When circumstances say, “No Way” faith says, “I refuse to doubt”.  It stands when the basis of hope has vanished.  It stands when the enemy launches a full-scale attack.  David encouraged himself in the LORD.  How?  I believe that Paul addresses that telling us that it is in “psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, singing and making melody in our hearts.”  It is through focusing on Him!


When I read Hebrews 11, the Hall of Fame of Faith and look back over the encounters and exploits of people in the Bible I find a common thread.  They Trusted and dared to fail.  They rolled all their care on Him and were determined to succeed of fail in Him, through Him, and by Him.

Abraham was willing to lose everything to win.  He left his known world to pursue the unknown. He was willing to offer up his son believing that God would raise him from the dead.  It was in hope when things appeared hopeless that he believed and hoped.  David believed God and faced Goliath and overcame with a sling and stones.  Elijah believed and saw the rain come.  Noah believed and built the ark.  Bartimaeus believed and received his sight. 

Positive Faith refuses to give up and because it presses into the presence of God it wins because it refuses to die.  To have positive faith is to have a living faith.  To have a living faith is to have an active faith.  To have active faith there must be trust and obedience.

My prayer is, “LORD, help me to completely trust You in all things and at all times!”

God bless you as you enjoy this wonderful day in Him!

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