Long before Halloween had come in the Fall

Christmas decorations filled every mall.

We no longer celebrate one Holiday at a time

And to me, that seems like a moral crime.

The commercial side seems to overrule

And we the citizens are expected to play the fool.

No one seems to care anymore at all

That Thanksgiving is also in the Fall.

I plea to all who enjoy Life and Living

To remember why we celebrate Thanksgiving.

It Is for the bountiful life and gift of love

Sent to us from God above!

But Thanksgiving seems to be a thing long forgotten

In a land where we are all spoiled rotten.

We take for granted our very lives

Not to mention, parents, children, husbands, and wives.

Therefore, I plea to all who enjoy Life and Living

Remember, Thanksgiving is for Thanks Giving!

© Roy Beaird – 1995

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