Job 40:6-9 – “Then the LORD answered Job out of the storm, and said, 7 “Now gird up your loins like a man; I will ask you, and you instruct Me. 8 “Will you really annul My judgment? Will you condemn Me that you may be justified? 9 “Or do you have an arm like God, and can you thunder with a voice like His?”  NASB

We considered the excuse of “Inability” last time. Today I would like to invite everyone to consider some additional excuses used to justify sin or disobedience, which is what sin is.

How many have said or heard say, “I just don’t have the time.”  I heard someone give the following illustration:  They said, “Suppose I were to tell one of my children, ‘Go do this thing and if you do not, I will disinherit you or punish you with the worst possible punishment.”  Then that child responds, “But Dad, I cannot possibly do what you have now asked, because I have the other things you have given me to do, there is not enough time to do both.  If I had nothing else to do, I could fulfill this directive, but I do not have time to take on a new task.” 

If that child’s statement was a factual expression of the situation and you knew it when you gave the second command, then you are being an diabolical tyrant.  Therefore, if God were to require you to do something that you do not have time to do, He is totally to blame for your failure.  He not you should be punished.   We know that God is not unfair or unkind so where must the fault lie?

Do we really think that God is unaware of the amount of time required and the amount of time we have available?  God never requires us to do beyond our ability.  He does not say, “Love the LORD your God with the power of an angel, He says with All Your Heart!”  For us to insist that we do not have time to fulfill the directive of the one who is beyond time, is to charge God with being unreasonable. We know that God is the most reasonable of all.  God desires that we redeem the time and utilize each moment for His glory, and He will give us the needed and required help to succeed.

I have heard mothers insist they could not do something for God because they had to care for their children’s needs.  God never asks us to neglect our family duties!  But to assert that God is asking something of us that depletes our ability to fulfill our family duties is to charge God with being unreasonable.

I heard a farmer argue that he could not fulfill something that God was asking of him.  He said, “I have to plant my crops.”  I have heard teenagers insist they could not fulfill God’s request because they were too loaded with schoolwork.  The truth is that everything we do should be done for the glory of God.  What is a mother’s first duty?  Her family.  What is a farmer’s first duty?  His farming.  What is a student’s obligation?  His education.  Why?  To enable them to enhance their lives for God’s service!

It is important to remember that everything does not depend on us alone.  We are the Body of Christ not simply isolated and individual entities in the Kingdom of God.  I believe that to be religious or spiritual also requires being industrious.  I do not believe that an idle person can fulfill the purposes of God.  God expects us to do the daily and practical duties of life and is fully aware of the time and effort required to fulfill them.  All we do is to be done for His Glory.  Who owns the family?  Who owns the farm?  It’s God’s!

I want to deal with another excuse that I believe incredibly germane and one that needs to be viewed carefully.  We will do that in the next devotional so I will pause here.

May the LORD be with you on this wonderful day!