Consider David’s Followers…

I Samuel 22:1-2 – “So David departed from there and escaped to the Cave of Adullam; and when his brothers and all his father’s household heard of it, they went there to him, and everyone who was in distress, and everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was discontented, gathered to him; and he became captain over them.  Now there were about four hundred men with him.”

These are those who were confined and disabled by the narrow constraints of the political system, the Government and Rule of Saul.  Today there are those who are confined and disabled by Religion and the Religious System and Denominational Structures of this hour. 

They are in anguish of soul over the rigidity of the Pharisaical System of this hour.  These are the people who are Ready for Reality.  These are the people to whom Jesus spoke when He said – “Is anyone thirsty?  Let Him come to Me and drink.”  These are those to whom Jesus said – “Take My Yoke upon you… My Yoke is easy and My burden light…”  These are those who Hunger & Thirst after Righteousness and can no longer stand the status quo.  These are those who are ready to Break Out of Religious Bondage! 

Those Who Were in Debt.

These are those who were enslaved to the taxation and loan sharks of their day.  They were enslaved through their indebtedness to the system.  This represents those who were led astray through false promises, false hopes, and false expectations. 

It is those who are in bondage to the religious and world systems and cannot find that inner peace which surpasses all understanding.  Their dreams have been dashed on the rocks of what is presented to them as reality and their hopes have been abandoned in the deserts of despair.  They have become slaves to Mammon and cannot see beyond their prisons.  They are those who are fed up with bondage and prison and desire to walk in the Fullness of Covenant Reality as promised in the Word.  They are those who are coming to be set free from Religious Bondage!

Those Who Were Discontented.

These are those who had become embittered over the broken promises, hopes, and dreams given them by Saul’s regime.  These are those who have a deep-seated hunger for Truth.  The desire of their souls is for Life and Freedom, which is true reality.  These are those who can no longer find satisfaction in business as usual.  These are those who are ready to rebel against the system and must have their energies and frustrations channeled toward the Right Objective.  Their discontentment has reached a boiling point and they no longer trust the system or anyone in the system. 

These people are those who have come to the end of themselves and the end of their dependence upon religion and religious systems.  They have come to the place in their hearts and lives that they are ready and willing to make the Ultimate Commitment to The Kingdom.  They are prepared to enter into Covenant with God’s Appointed Leadership and give their lives to the Cause of the Kingdom.  Nothing short of The Kingdom of God will do for these people who have gathered in the Cave of Adullam, with David, God’s appointed Leader!

We must become willing to cast aside all religious cloaks and put on anything and everything that The Spirit of God should direct us to do.  We must remember that we are strangers and pilgrims in a foreign land and when the cloud moves we must be willing to move.  We need to cease striving to produce something out of the past and follow the cloud no matter how different, unconventional and strange it might seem.  Follow the Cloud!  It is in this, we will find our place in the establishing of the Kingdom and realize your destiny.

No more business as usual!  No more religious fixes!  No more bondage!  No more doctrines of man!  Only do that which we see the Father doing and only say what we hear the Father saying.  All else is sinking sand, tinkling cymbals, wood, hay, and stubble and will not produce life.  Life Comes Out of Obedience and is anchored in Covenant!  Our destiny is in our hands, what will we have in this hour?

May the Spirit of God guard and guide you as you embark on His prepared and planned road for your life.  Blessings abundantly!