Revelation 22:1 – “And he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb,” NASB

Ecclesiastes 7:1 – “A good name is better than a good ointment, and the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’s birth.”  NASB

I want to address a group of people that are sometimes overlooked or their value in our lives underestimated.  That group is known as “Grandparents.”  In my estimation, and I am now one, Grandparents are a very special and important group of people.  Well, they should be and have a heavy weight of responsibility in the extended family.  They have, by virtue of longevity, garnered wisdom needed to be imparted to the generations following.

Wise counsel is important in all phases of life.  In Proverbs 13:10 we are informed that “with the well-advised there is wisdom.”  That is invaluable in life.  Solomon also declared that we should never reach a place or a mindset that we feel our parents and grandparents have nothing worthwhile to impart to us.  Proverbs 23:22, “Hearken unto thy father that begat thee, and despise not their mother when she is old.” 

There are a number of things I want to bring to our consciousness for consideration.  I ask that you bear with me and allow me the latitude to walk through the process of life.

First, Remember the Journey to Grandparenthood began with childhood.  All grandparents were once children with grandparents.  I know that seems a bit trite, but sometimes we lose sight of the fact that those preceding us on the chronological scale of life have been where we are as children and parents.  They were, likely, terrible toddlers, irresponsible adolescents, and adventurous young adults.  Their music and culture may have been very different, but they were like we on the journey.

Those Grandparents, having matured and learned through the ups and downs of life and are now seasoned veterans of the School of Life.  Their encounters, experiences, and experiments have brought them to this advanced degree in Life’s School.  They know, from experience and observation, what it is to hurt in defeat and to have overflowing joy in success.  Their counsel should be valued, for it comes through the eyes of those who have traveled Life’s Rugged Road.

Second, We Should Be Aware, The Bible is Quite Clear Regarding the Family Unit and its Importance and Purpose.  God’s first order in the Garden included the Family Unit.  He established the family before He established the church.  Yet, the church plays an incredibly important role in the development of the family or should. 

There are some clear guidelines or rules to be observed regarding the family unit.

Children are a gift of God to the home.  Children are to honor their parents, heed the counsel of those parents, recognize and honor God with their lives.  Parents have a tremendous responsibility toward God regarding those lives they have brought into this world.  They are to teach, train, guide, provide for, control and love those children.  They are charged with shaping their lives for God and good.

Parents are charged with the responsibility of training their children in the way they should live.  They do this by giving them instruction and a pattern to follow.  The question arises, “How can we train anyone in a way that we ourselves do not know?”

Thirdly, Grandparents have a major responsibility and role in the area of influence through word and example.  They have already impacted the lives of the parents, their own children.  This influence can be very good or very bad, but it is there. 

Our text speaks of treasures more valuable than silver, gold, or any earthly treasure.  That treasure is “A Good Name!”  I am fully persuaded that there is no person who truly says, “I do not care what my children or grandchildren become.”  I don’t believe that we are indifferent about the directions they take in life.  We do not want to see them become enslaved to addiction or lifestyles that lead them into societal, moral, financial, and spiritual difficulty. We want them to become responsible adults and turn out good.  We want them to rise higher than we in life.

I have always cautioned people when children are around that “Little eyes see, and little ears hear.”  That brings me to the major points I want to make and will do so in the next devotional. 

God bless you and may He make you a positive influence for those younger than you!

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