Proverbs 3:5-6 – “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”  NASB

Anxiety is a problem all have, have had or will battle!  I am incredibly grateful to the LORD for His wonderful grace and goodness.  This passage has tremendous meaning to me, it was the passage the LORD used to reach me.  Later, He used it to teach me some wonderful truths and bring victory! 

I have discovered that in the human mind there is an element which requires divine help to overcome and rid ourselves of its torment.  That is Anxiety or Worry!  I have defined ‘Chronic Worry’ as misapplied trust and misdirected confidence.  It is trust in the wrong direction and in the wrong source.  Until this problem is overcome it will deal almost continual misery to the person affected or afflicted by it.  Worry or Anxiety is one of the most effective tools of the devil in hindering our spiritual progress and the development of faith.

The writer of Proverbs gives a simple but powerful pathway to the victory over Worry.  It is worth our time to consider and hopefully, that consideration will lead to a new place of victory in our lives.

Worry – – Causes a person to be sick physically, depressed mentally, and hinders them from rising to that place of victory and power that is promised to believers in the Word. 

Worry – – Hinders prayer by putting more trust in the arm of flesh that can be seen than in the Omnipotent God who cannot be seen. 

Worry – – Is a deterrent to faith.  It causes one to lose hope before the victory arrives because it is rooted in the natural realm rather than in the supernatural.

You were not born worried!  It is learned not inherent in our DNA.  Parents teach their children to worry by their lives, their words, and their actions.  People become good at worrying because they practice and practice it. 

Worry – – Can be overcome by learning to rely on God to perform His Word. There are two types of things we should never worry about:  Those things we cannot help and those we can.  Most of us find ourselves worrying in one of those dimensions from time to time. 

This passage gives us a pathway to spiritual victory and that pathway is incredibly simple although not always easy.  I ask that you join me in the journey of discovery of our Promised Deliverance from Anxiety. 

First, we must “Trust in the LORD will All our Heart.”  That implies complete and total trust.  That implies placing our lives totally and completely in His hands.  That is simple but not always easy.  We are to live a life of expectancy and obedience.  Could I remind you that each of us had to Trust God for our salvation?  We had to place our confidence in His ability and faithfulness to keep His Word and Forgive us.  Likewise, we are to Trust Him in Everything! 

We trust His faithfulness in times of joy and in times of grief.  We trust Him in our tears, storms, valleys, and mountains.  In all things!  We trust when the bills are paid and when they are not.  It is easy to declare that we “Trust God” when things are secure and there is no drama or trauma in our lives.  We are to trust Him when we are sick and when we are well.  We are to trust Him when we are prospering and when we are in want.  We trust in times of Spiritual abundance and in times of Spiritual drought. 

We are to put our total confidence in God.  In 1 Peter 1:5:7 we read, “Casting all your care on Him; for He careth for you.”  Isaiah 26:3 reminds us of His Power and Promise saying, “The steadfast of mind Thou wilt keep in perfect peace because he trusts in Thee.” 

Therefore, the first step to receiving “Deliverance from Anxiety” is to Trust God with our all.  Our heart, mind, body, and soul resting in Him.  That may not be easy, but it is the objective and the first requirement in attaining victory over Worry in our lives! 

God bless you as you proceed on the pathway of Freedom from Anxiety!