2 Timothy 2:15-19 – “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth. 16 But avoid worldly and empty chatter, for it will lead to further ungodliness, 17 and their talk will spread like gangrene. Among them are Hymenaeus and Philetus, 18 men who have gone astray from the truth saying that the resurrection has already taken place, and thus they upset the faith of some. 19 Nevertheless, the firm foundation of God stands, having this seal, “The Lord knows those who are His,” and, “Let everyone who names the name of the Lord abstain from wickedness.”  NASB

1 Corinthians 8:3b – “…if anyone loves God, he is known by Him.”  NASB

In today’s world, it means something to be known.  It opens doors that otherwise would be closed.  Being known can save tremendous hassle, confusion, and difficulty.  It helps to gain access and acquire privileges and considerations not afforded to others.  It is valuable but it is not money.

If the President knew me personally, I would be able to obtain considerations based on that acknowledgment.  If my earthly father had been a famous person, the consideration and recognition I would receive would be great.  There are times, in life when being known is more important than what you know, your socioeconomic status or experience.  People, in all walks of life, strive to be known by important and influential people.  It is frequently a prize to be desired.

The world craves recognition, but the most important recognition in existence is being Known of God.  Our text informs us that “God knows those that are His.”  That is powerful and afford credentials unattainable through our own abilities or efforts.  There are a number of ways that God knows those that are His.

He knows them by the need they have of Him.  He knows them by the love they have for Him.  He knows them by the trust they place in Him.  He knows them by their labors for His kingdom.  The Bible makes it clear that there is a record of every detail of our lives, so truly “God knows them that are His.”  This speaks of an intimacy with God and being known of God is far more valuable than silver or gold.  It is of infinite worth!

Being Known of God Affords Us God’s Protection.  In Psalm 34:7 we read, “The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him, and rescues them.”  You cannot buy that kind of protection.  In 2 Chronicles 16:9 we discover, “For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him…”  In Psalms 125:2 we are encouraged by the words, “As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds His people from this time forward.”

God is our fortress, our hiding place, and our refuge and as Psalm 91 so articulately and eloquently declares, He protects us as a mother would her young.  I saw a story a few years back where a mother hen was burned in a fire, but under her wings were her chicks protected from the smoke and flames.  In WWII there is the story of a young Lieutenant that carried a Bible in His pocket.  He was shot and the bullet stopped at Psalm 91 saving his life.  “A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not approach you.”

I know from personal experience the divine protection of God.  I know it from my youth, Vietnam, my young adult life, and His protection from dangers and even cancer.  God’s Promise is to Protect Those Who Are His.  Does that mean that if you are a Child of God you cannot or will not suffer problems, danger, or even be killed in an untimely fashion?  No!  I am simply saying, that we can both expect and ask for His divine protection because we are His.

I want to address this a bit more and will do so in the next devotional but until then may the rich blessings of the LORD be yours!  

May God guide, keep and protect you as you enjoy this beautiful day in Him! 

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