John 10:1-18

I am not going to insert all eighteen verses in the short devotional but urge you to read those words of our LORD regarding the criminality of the devil toward the Body of Christ.  There are several things that bother me greatly in this life.  I become angry each time I witness the ravages of the devil on mankind, both in the natural and in the spiritual.  It produces incredible angst in my heart that, too often, we in the Body of Christ, are either unable or unwilling to assume and appropriate our Rightful Inheritance in Christ.  It bothers me that, too frequently, we live beneath the Promises and become battered by the works of darkness.

In the natural, it is a great irritant to see theft.  It is doubly disturbing when I see God’s people having their heritage and promises stolen from them.  But what bothers me, even more, is the blasé attitude, deception, and willingness of God’s people to accept that as the norm.  It is not, and we should never be willing to passively allow the enemy of our souls to steal from us without a fight.

I want to address several things in this devotional.  We have been ‘lied to.’  That’s right, lied to! Tragically, sometimes that deception has come at the hands of well-meaning preachers who have relegated the Promises and the Power of God to bygone eras.  We have too frequently been ‘ripped off’ spiritually, physically, and economically.  The devil, in various ways, has ‘lied to’ the Church and we have, like Adam & Eve bought into his deception.  I’m here to exposes those lies!

The Devil has launched a two-pronged attack on the Body of Christ.  One arm of that attack has been Deception.  I am convinced that the devil loves it when we adopt the victim mentality.  He rejoices when we blame our circumstances, environment, the times, the system we live in, our gender, or our race or ethnicity.  If he can manipulate us into turning our focus in the wrong direction, he has achieved a major victory, because he makes us impotent spiritually.  When we focus wrongly we act wrongly and fail to detect and identify the real thief and appropriate God’s Promises.

Ephesians 6:12 reveals that our struggle is not with flesh and blood but against the powers of darkness.  It is high time that God’s people realized that they have been stolen from.  It is time that we recognize who the real thief is and begin to reclaim all our lost possessions.  Finally, it is imperative that we press the case to the reception of Full Restoration. 

The second prong of the attack of the enemy is Fear.  That is one of the major tools used by the deceiver.  Tragically, too often the church has played into his hands.  How?  One of the most prolific examples is in our Preaching and Testimonies.  We have publicized and proclaimed that the devil is strong, mighty, and at times, it appears that some give him a spiritual power equal to God.  THAT IS A LIE OF HELL!  He is not, never has been, and never will be.  He is a Created Being not Omnipotent.

He does have power and is not to be taken lightly, but his power is limited, and Jesus stripped him of all authority at the Cross and in the Resurrection.  Jesus has given us authority over all the power the devil has.  We are more than conquerors through Jesus.  That is either true totally or not at all.

The devil must operate through deception to have any success.  If he can plant a seed of fear in our hearts he gains an edge.  An edge that we give him through our deception and fear.  God has provided for us to ‘defeat’ the devil.  But, for that to happen we must become Word Conditioned and we must allow Jesus to be the Lord of our Minds.  We have incredibly mighty weapons of warfare and we have the assured promise of the Bible that Jesus is the Same past, present, and future.  Therefore, why do we not exercise the power and authority the Bible declares we have? 

I encourage you to turn to the Bible and whatever it declares that Jesus did, know that if He did it then, He is still doing it and still capable of doing it now!  He said, that the works He did we would do and even greater works because He has gone to the Father.  We have the Power of the Holy Spirit so let’s pull down strongholds and resist the devil. 

God bless you as you enjoy this wonderful day in Him!

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