Proverbs 29:18 – “Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, But happy is he who keeps the law.” NASB

All of us have the capacity for vision!  All of us have a vision!  God made each of us to be ‘vision containers’ or ‘vision holders.’  His Vision! He created us to be men and women of purpose – His Purpose! God wants us to love Him enough to trust His leadership and to be willing to give ourselves totally to Him, His Vision, and His Purpose.

Being Visionless a problem spiritually.  In Matthew 11:29 we read – “Take My yoke upon you….”  That signifies a commonality of vision and purpose where two or more are pulling in tandem toward the same objective!  Vision is like a yoke!  Without that yoke, there is no restraint in the individual life or the local fellowship.  It becomes more of a stampede than a concerted orchestrated effort that is effective and productive. It becomes confusion and chaos rather than order and productivity.

Vision from God is priceless!  Vision from God keeps us on the God-ordained course and builds a fire in our hearts spiritually.  The degree to which we acknowledge and align ourselves with the Vision of God determines what we will be and do for the Kingdom of God.  If the local fellowship is going to accomplish the purposes of God for its community and generation it must rise above the level of personal and survival visions and ascribe to the ‘Vision of God’.

When a church or individual has a God-given vision they do not get shook up by the shaking!  WHY?  Because they know what God has said and are yoked in tandem together and with the Holy Spirit pulling toward the God-ordained and God-inspired goal and objective.  Obstacles are only temporary problems and opportunities for God to demonstrate His might.

A God-given vision will cause an individual and a local fellowship to examine and reexamine what their purpose is and why they hold it.  It will cause us to examine and reexamine what we believe and why we believe it.  It will cause us to look at God’s government and its role, function, and authority in our lives.  It will cause us to become Kingdom conscious.

A God-given vision will cause an individual and a local fellowship to desire the will of God more than life and create a willingness in the heart to do whatever is required to fulfill the purposes of God in this generation.

My prayer and desire are that God will give us vision and ground us with purpose!  May God be with you as you go through your day!

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