Romans 15:13 – “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” NASU

Here Paul is using the words of Isaiah the prophet regarding the Gentiles to declare ‘hope’ to those people and instructing the Israelites not to reject the Gentile believers.  Only those Israelites who also believed in Jesus as the Messiah would embrace this truth. Otherwise they would consider the Gentiles outsiders and without hope in God.

I love it when the Bible writers use descriptive words that reflect the nature and character of God such as here – “God of hope.”  He is identifying that God is the source of Hope and outside of God there is Hopelessness!

In this passage, we can infer that when God, who is Hope comes to us He fills us with Joy and Peace in faith.  We Hope in God and in that Hoping we are seeking, as were the patriarchs of old “That city whose builder and maker is God.”  They received the promises but did not see them in their sojourn on earth and we may not see all that we know God has promised but we Hope in God and that Hope fills us with His Joy and His Peace and solidifies our Faith enabling us to have the Resolve to stand firm trusting Him.

Paul tells those listening that as this transpires the God of Hope will cause them to abound in Hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Imagine that, abounding in hope or having Hope overflow in your heart so that you are virtually unable to be depressed or despondent. You become an eternal optimist if you will. 

You have optimism because The God of Hope has filled you with joy and peace, anchoring your faith and cause Hope to abound in your hearts.  You exude Hope and it is infectious.  It may also be irritating to a pessimist who calls him or herself a realist and doesn’t want to hear your optimism but has no fear if you maintain your relationship with God, God will demonstrate His power in your behalf and the pessimist will have to make a choice.  That choice is either to turn to God and allow the God of Hope to infuse Hope into their hearts or cling to their pessimism and cynicism and become even more miserable.  I choose Hope rather than Hopelessness!

Therefore, as you go through your day go in HOPE!  God bless!

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