Romans 6:18 – “Having been set free from sin, you became slaves of righteousness.” NKJV

The Bible has much to say about our being “servants” or “slaves” to something or someone.  The only two categories that it allows are we are either servants to SIN or RIGHTEOUSNESS.  We either allow the flesh to have dominance or we allow the Spirit of God.   Here the apostle Paul identifies that the true objective of the Christian should be to become a “Slave of Righteousness”.    He identifies that this is possible, and I might add, only possible after we have been set free from sin.  It is only after we have been “born-again” and “transferred from the kingdom of darkness into God’s light” that we can hope to attain this lofty place of servant hood.

The Bible tells us that whatever or whoever we obey we are servants or slaves to that.  So, my objective and goal is to become a true a “dulos” to Jesus.  I want to be a “bond slave” to Him and that relationship comes from a willing and surrendered heart.  It is never forced for God will not accept that as an acceptable pathway into His presence.  I want to hear the words, “Well done my good and faithful SERVANT…” when I stand before Him on that final day and every day.  Notice, He used the word ‘servant’ to describe us.  We are called His BRIDE, His FRIENDS, His SHEEP, and His SERVANTS.  We are all that and more through the Grace and Love of God.

So, if you have been born-anew into the Kingdom of God you have been “set free” from sin and as a result the door is open for you to become a “Slave of Righteousness.”  It is your choice and if you make that choice the Holy Spirit will come alongside and come within your heart and enable you to fulfill that desire.  Will it be easy?  NO!  But it will be the most rewarding life you could ever hope to encounter. 

May God be with you as you go through your day!

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