Revelation 1:8 – “I am the Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord God, who is and who was, and who is to come. The Almighty.”

It virtually impossible for the finite mind of man to truly comprehend the infiniteness of God.  The limitlessness of God is a truth that most people attempt to embrace in theory, but its reality is absent from their manner of life.  What I mean by that is that too often we declare that we believe that God is Infinite, but we live as though He were Finite. We conduct ourselves in a manner that belies our declaration that He is everything at once without being diminished in His person or power.  Sometimes we live as though God might not see us. 

The reality of God seeing everything is both comforting and frightening. Therefore, the mind of mortal man tends to diminish the infinitude of God.  We tend to redefine the word infinite and rather than it being limitless we make it mean much or a great deal rather than without bounds.

God is not bound by time or space and in Him, there is no time.  A.W. Tozer said, “In God, time does not pass, it remains eternally the same.”  We find that concept incredibly difficult to grasp because we are time sensitive creatures.  Our perspective of life is measured in time.  We have deadlines and schedules and that means that from time to time we get in a hurry.  Not God!  He never hurries and that’s why we sometimes become frustrated in His timing in answering our prayers. I heard years ago, “God is never late, and He is never early.”  I have no desire to debate the declaration because sometimes, in our minds, He is late. 

In the view of God’s limitlessness, we can approach the reality that everything that flows out from Him is also limitless.  His mercy is limitless.  His love knows no bounds.  His grace is timeless and unending.  His power knows no limitations.  Before, I allow someone to adopt a wrong view of God let me state several things. 

God does not have the things we ascribe to Him such as power. He does not have, He is!  He is Love! He is Light! He is Power!  He is who and what He is!  He is eternally the same.  Also, although His grace, love, and mercy are boundless He is also Just, Holy, and Righteous.  Therefore, He will and does judge sin.  We can never separate God’s Justice from His Mercy for He is Holy, therefore as the Psalmist asked, in Psalm 24, “Who can ascend into the hill or the presence of God and stand before Him?”  The answer is, “the one with clean hands and a pure heart.”  God’s Grace enables us to become Holy as He is Holy and to dwell in His presence.

Let me also address the Presence of God.  Many today are praying for God to send His presence into our world.  I too want to live in the Presence of the Almighty and destroy the works of the devil.  I suggest that you consider the fact of the infiniteness of God and the reality that He is everywhere that His presence is ALWAYS here!  The problem is not that God has not sent His presence to us, it is that we have not entered into His presence and realized its personal manifestation in our lives. 

I suggest we stop praying for God to ‘turn up’ or ‘show up’ as some suggest and realize that HE IS HERE! We need to enter into Him and His presence.  We need to not only pray that His Kingdom come, and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven but to determine that we will reside in no other condition and position that in His realized presence.  He wants to be fully expressed and realized in our daily lives.  My heart’s cry is more of you Lord, more of you!

God bless you as you enjoy this wonderful day in Him!

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